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Sichuan Economy and Trade Trends Monthly, January 2017

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Sichuan Economy and Trade Trends MonthlyJanuary, 2017

                                                                Published by CCPIT Sichuan Council




Macro Economy

Recession-Defying Breakthroughs in Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation

-Establishment and Improvement of an Outline Implementing Mechanism for the '13th Five-Year' Plan

-Implementing Projects, Stressing Impetus, and Adjusting the Direction: Sichuan's Industrial Train to Sprint in the Year to Come

-Sichuan's GDP Saw a Year-on-Year Growth of 7.7% and the Number of GDP 100 billion Club Members Increased to 15 in 2016

-Sichuan Province Accelerates to Formulate 'Three-Year Action Plan' for Free Trade Zone

-In 2017, Target for Domestic Investment Outside Sichuan Province is 970 Billion Yuan

Foreign Trade

-Chengdu AirportWitnessed5 Million Exit-Entry Tourists in 2016

-Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Will Build An International Talent City

-EIBC Supports Sichuan Enterprises to Purchase African Mining Companies

- More Than 450 Operations of Chengdu-Europe Express Railway Were Scheduled in 2016

-98 New Taiwan-funded Companies Came to Sichuan in 2016

Key Projects

-101 Projects Start Collectively in Guangyuan

-Meishan Part of TianfuNew Area: HundredMillionYuan ProjectsCome One After Another

-Opening of Guangan (Shenzhen) Industrial Park

-BYD Settles Down in Guangan and the First Cloud Rail Demonstration Line in Sichuan to Established in 2017

-Listed Companies Signed Intention Agreements of 46 Billion Yuan with Tri-State Area

Industry Information

-Breaking Through 70 Million Kilowatts, Sichuan Hydro-power Installation Capacity Leads the Nation

-Two PPP Projects in Sichuan Province Were Selected into the Global Infrastructure Hub

-‘Chengdu Core Valley’ Project Commenced

-Sichuan Province Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

-Sichuan Nuclear Technology Manufacturing Innovation Center Has Been Established

-Industrial Investment of Sichuan Province Exceeded 800 Billion Yuan in 2016

-3M Western China Technology Center Was Successfully Established in Chengdu

Convention & Exhibition

Sichuan CCPIT Council

-The CCPIT of Sichuan Province and the Consulate General of Foreign Countries in Chengdu Held a Symposium for the Coming Chinese New Year



Macro Economy

Recession-Defying Breakthroughs in Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation

In 2016, Sichuan had made recession-defying breakthroughs in foreign economic and trade cooperation by vigorously promoting 20 national key projects in accordance with the " One Belt and Road 'Two-Five-One Plan' under the One Belt One Road initiative", namely twenty key countries along the belt and road, fifty key projects and one hundred foreign economic and trade companies. In the first quarters of the same year, Sichuan's export to the "twenty key countries" increased to 78.7% and to 13 countries along the belt and road saw a positive growth.

In foreign economy from January to November of 2016, Sichuan signed USD 7 billion contracts for project construction overseas, growing by 54.5%; approved 185 overseas investors, up by 36%; and registered USD 3.383 billion outbound investments, rising by 25.3%. Up to the first quarters of 2016, the contract amount signed for carrying on the projects in the countries along the belt and road accounted for 60% of the province's total and the number of new investment companies accumulated to 250.

In foreign capital during the first eleven months, Sichuan approved (recorded) 282 foreign investment companies, equaling the previous year's number, and registered USD 3.512 billion contractual foreign investments, an increase of 16.3%. There were 316 Fortune Global 500 companies settled down in Sichuan, ranking first in central and western China, with the companies from USA, Japan, France, Germany and Britain accounting for 74% of the total.

In 2017, Sichuan will pay special attention to the opening to the outside world in a down-to-earth manner, continue to improve the level of open economy, promote foreign trade, boost innovative processing trade, focus on the featured industries like electronic information, equipment manufacturing, automobile making to accelerate the  aggregation of processing trade industries; speed up the construction of the (Chengdu) cross-border comprehensive e-commerce experiment zone, and facilitate the steady recovery of foreign trade companies; improve the quality and level in introducing foreign capital, accelerate the construction of China-Germany innovation industrial park, China-Korea innovation and entrepreneurship park, China-France Chengdu ecological park, carry out precision themed investment attracting, and promote the implementation of a batch of influential large projects; promote foreign investment accessing management, expand foreign investment industry accessing areas, establish foreign investment in-process and post-process supervision mechanism reform, and so forth; accelerate the construction of China (Sichuan) free trade zone; formulate a number of reform measures in investment and trade facilitation and financial innovation in accordance with the overall goal and functional orientation set by the central government; and take the construction of free trade area as an opportunity to deepen the reform of the administrative system, with the focus on decentralization, reduction of the government's intervention on microscopic economic activities, and creation of a lawful, market-based, and international business environment. (January 7th, Sichuan Daily/Zeng Xiaoqing)





Establishment and Improvement of an Outline Implementing Mechanismfor the '13th Five-Year' Plan

Sichuan printed and issued the Opinions for Establishing and Improving the Outline Implementation Mechanism of the '13th Five-Year' Plan. According to the Opinions, the relations between government and market shall be correctly dealt with; the enthusiasm of all sides shall be fully aroused; and tasks shall be divided and responsibilities performed; the leading and binding roles of Sichuan's 13th Five-Year Plan Outline for National Economic and Social Development shall be strengthened.
The Opinions stress that the major targets shall be implemented smoothly and the obligatory targets in the Outline shall be circulated from the ministries and commissions concerned to each city (prefecture); and all localities and departments shall reinforce the dynamic tracking and analysis and policy guidance of the anticipated targets and the targets in the Outline. Moreover, the support for major engineering projects shall be intensified and the significant projects involving Sichuan in the "13th Five-Year" Plan outline and the 25 columns of the Outline shall be incorporated into the planning and special planning of local governments and departments and the list of important annual work. The process of implementation shall be intensified at the same time. The Sichuan Development and Reform Commission shall regularly publish the implementation progress of projects at the online platformof investment projects review, approval and supervision, simplify the review, approving and verification procedures of various major projects and give priorities to planning and site selection, land supply and financing arrangement, and cancel the regulation of examining and approving qualified major project proposals. (January 10th, Sichuan Daily/Lin Ling)


Implementing Projects, Stressing Impetus, and Adjusting the Direction: Sichuan's Industrial Train to Sprint in the Year to Come.

1. Implementing good and large-scale projects to realize steady growth and structural adjustment

In 2016, Sichuan's industrial increment was estimated to rise by 7.9%, higher than the expected 0.9%. The investments in both industry and technological upgrading achieved double-digit growth, contributing a lot to the stabilization of industrial economic markets.

2. To forge dominant industrial clusters and turn emerging industries and high technology into new momentums

Sichuan will build a trillion-yuan industrial cluster, striving to register 1.2 trillion yuan output in electronic information and beverage & food, a 500 billion-yuan industrial cluster, striving to realize more than 600 billion yuan output in automobile industry by the year 2020, and a 100 billion-yuan industrial cluster, focusing on the improvement of the scale and level of rail transit, biomedicine, aviation and combustion engines.

3. To eliminate backward production capacities and firmly upgrade traditional industries

In 2017, Sichuan will proactively and appropriately eliminate backward production capacities and resolve excess capacities. The focus will be the closing-down of backward capacities such as intermediate frequency furnace and power frequency furnace smelting and clearance and elimination of cement and sheet glass as well as other inventories of backward production capacities by laws and regulations.

In 2017, Sichuan will intensively cultivate "Made in Sichuan" brands and energetically promote the market share of Sichuan brand products by taking advantage of the wine, tea and tobacco industries across the province. Meanwhile, Sichuan will organize and carry out quality benchmarking and leading company demonstration activities to enhance the general image of "Made in Sichuan".

4. To lighten the burden on companies effectively

In 2017, Sichuan will implement the "cost reduction" special work plan and strive to expand the total direct-purchasing electricity to 50 billion KWH (accounting for almost 60% of the large industrial power consumption of the main electric network) and lower the costs of elements and logistics by 20 billion yuan each. (January 10th, Sichuan Daily 'New Vision')


Sichuan's GDP Saw a Year-on-Year Growth of 7.7% and the Number of GDP 100 billion Club Members Increased to 15 in 2016.

On January 22nd, Sichuan Provincial People's Government Office released the province's economic data in 2016. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Sichuan's regional GDP was 3,268.05 billion yuan in 2016, up by 7.7% calculated at comparable prices compared to the year before, one percent point higher than the national average.

As seen from the tertiary industry, the added value of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries separately reached 392.41 billion yuan, 1,392.47 billion yuan, and 1,483.17 billion yuan, growing by 3.8%, 7.5%, and 9.1% respectively. Significant changes happened in the province's industrial structure: the added value of the tertiary industry took up as high as 45.4% of the GDP, larger than the second industry. The economic growing pattern turned from being dominated by industry to both services and industrial sectors.

The development of services accelerated while the industrial sectors saw steady growth and expedited structural adjustment. The added value of Sichuan's above-scale industries increased by 7.9% compared to the previous year, with the growth rate 1.9% higher than the national average. In industry, 36 out of 41 major industries saw growth in added value. Among them, the added value of automobile industry rose by 14.2% and that of computers, communications and other electronic equipment went up by 9.4%.

In dynamic structure, the investment scale was enlarged. The whole social fixed asset investment completed throughout 2016 was 2,912.6 billion yuan, increasing by 12.1% compared to the year before, wherein, the fixed asset investment (peasant households excluded) was 2,822.98 billion yuan, up by 13.1%. The consumption presented steady and rapid growth. The gross retail sales of social consumer goods were up to 1,550.19 billion yuan, 11.6% higher than the previous year and 1.3% higher than national average.

In regional development, multi-point and multi-polar sustainable development strategy was implemented in depth and the coordination of regional development was constantly strengthened. The GDP of Chengdu Plain Economic Zone has surpassed 2 trillion yuan. GDP of southern economic zone and eastern economic zone both reached 500 billion yuan, which narrowed the development gap between the five major economic zones. GDP of Suining and Panzhihua were over 100 billion yuan, increasing the number of cities in which GDP are more than 100 billion to 15. From the perspective of people's livelihood, 1,041 thousand new jobs were created, 30.1% more than the target goal of the whole year; Registered unemployment rate is 4.15%, lower than the controlling goal of 4.5%. Urban per capita disposable income was 28,335 yuan, with an increase of 8.1%. Rural per capita disposable income has increased 9.3%, 1.1 points higher than the national average income. Both urban and rural per capital disposable GDP have surpassed the GDP growth of the previous year. (January 23rd Sichuan Daily/ChenYan, Liang Xianrui, Li Longjun)

      Sichuan Province Accelerates to Formulate ‘Three-Year Action Plan of the Free Trade Zone

According to the positioning of Sichuan province that the central government has outlined, Sichuan will begin to formulate a "3 years plan" for building a free trade zone. In order to build the free trade zone, Sichuan will focus on such six sectors as the transformation of the government function, the two-way investment cooperation, pushing forward trade convenience, deepening reform and innovation of financial sector, implementing the opening strategy of both inland and coastal borders and activating innovation and entrepreneurship. At the same time, Sichuan will speed up the implementation of reforms. Sichuan will unveil the regulations of FTZ as soon as possible, build the highly effective operative mechanism of "targeted policy plus reform measures plus three-party evaluation plus promoted ability" in an effort to construct the FTZ as a pioneering zone of developing and opening for western cities, a leading zone of supporting inland opening strategy, a highland of inland opening economic zone, and pilot zone form opening-up between inland and Sea-shore, River-shore, Border-shore. At the same time, Sichuan province will explore and promote "Universe Free Trade". The reform items that are not authorized by the central government will be made applicable experiences for the whole province. At present, 27 reform items relating to investment management, trade convenience, mechanism innovation of special customs supervision zone, inspection and quarantine institutional innovation and finance have been promoted in the whole province. (January 23rd Sichuan Daily/Zeng Xiaoqing)

                                     In 2017, Target for Domestic Investment Outside Sichuan Province is 970 Billion Yuan

2017 will be the year our province focuses on accurate business attraction. Through this, Sichuan province will spare no effort to introduce investment of 970 billion yuan from other provinces of China. As for industrial development, Sichuan aims at high-end industry and industrial high-end, as well as the missing parts and weaknesses of industry chain. Sichuan will introduce green investment, and be strict in screening new projects. As for areas and objects, Sichuan will focus on such areas as Europe and America, Japan and Korea as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim, and companies as Fortune Global 500 companies, well-known transnational companies, leading companies of some industry, central enterprises and SMEs with individual property rights. Efforts will be put to bring in missing chains, make up weak points and improve investment to promote effectiveness. This year, Sichuan will try to attract more than 10 Fortune Global 500 companies to set branches in Sichuan. As for the platform building, except for activities of famous enterprises from home and abroad in 2017 and the second session of West China (Sichuan) Import Exhibition and international investment conference, Sichuan province will focus its attention on key industries and will be hosting 10 thematic activities including graphene, military and civilian integration, semi-conduct, automobile and so on in order to promote the collective development of key industries. (January 24th, Sichuan Daily/Zeng Xiaoqing)


Foreign Trade


Chengdu Airport Witnessed 5 Million Exit-Entry Tourists in 2016

In 2016, Chengdu airport witnessed 4.95 million exit-entry tourists with 28,000 flights, an increase of 21.11% and 24.47% respectively compared with 2015, only following Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, ranking at the 4th place. Last year, Sichuan province made it available to directly fly from Chengdu to Sydney of Australia, Prague of Czech Republic, Madrid of Spain, Dubai of UAE and other international air routes. Currently, Chengdu airport has 97 international and regional lines, including 38 regular direct passenger lines, 25 freight lines, 34 transit routes and chartered lines. Navigation destinations have been put in five continents. Chengdu has the most flights, passengers and navigation destinations among middle and west China which made it the first choice to fly between Europe, Middle East and Chengdu. Statistics shows that among the 5 million tourists, about 15,000 passengers transit without visa for 24 hours and 72 hours;there are 50,000 tourists exiting and entering through automatic system. (January 2nd, Sichuan Daily/Huang Wutao, Liu Hongshun)


Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Will Build an International Talent City

Chengdu Hi-tech Zone will build a one-stop high-level talent service center and relevant comprehensive commission system. This center will represent classified talents to handle procedures; as well as develops overseas training resources and courses that cover Hi-tech zone of Chengdu and helps to form domestic international training projects. Besides, in an effort to strengthen support for foreign talents to start business, Chengdu Hi-tech zone will promote the reform of negotiation system, explore and enhance the pioneering work for foreign talents to directly register domestic companies. At the same time, Chengdu will start to build IPR information service platform in order to effectively promote creation and application of patents; press ahead of building marketing platform for high-level talents, exploring and formulating a propaganda platform of managerial  consultancy, marketing, brand designing, and public service to promote technological trade and products selling and help expand market. (January 3rd, Sichuan Daily/Xiong Xiaowei)


EIBC Supports Sichuan Enterprises to Purchase African Mining Companies

EIBC (Sichuan) will provide 250 million yuan to Sichuan Road and Bridge Mining Investment Development Co., Ltd. to support its purchase of shares of Asmara, Eritrea mining company and part of its equities. Asmara copper gold polymetallic share purchasing belongs to large and key projects of "going out" of Sichuan province which is included in the list of key projects for "promoting international capacity cooperation " of 2016-2017 and plays a role as one of the 7 "major foreign investment and M&A projects". At the same time, EIBC visited DEC, Sichuan Railway Investment Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Road and Bridge, Fuhua Tongda group, Honghua group and other key enterprises and learnt about the operation reality and financing requirements of these companies. Also, it made targeted financing plans for them so as to promote competition with foreign companies. The branch has provided 30,452 million yuan to support import and export up to the end of November, 2016. (January 3rd, Sichuan Daily/Hu Zhaohui, Li Longjun)


More Than 450 Operations of Chengdu-Europe Express Railway Were Scheduled in 2016

Statistics from Chengdu International Railway Co., Ltd. suggests that in 2016, there were over 450 Operations of Chengdu-Europe Express Railway Scheduled, ranking the first in the whole country. In 2016, port customs supervised 37,000 containers with newly added flowers and trees except for electronic and mechanical products. It takes only 11 days from Chengdu to Lodz which is 9,826 kilometers long. This railway takes only a third of time of shipment, and it costs just one sixth of air transportation. According to the plan, Chengdu will start trains from Chengdu to Moscow, Istanbul amounting to more than 1,000 trains. At the same time Chengdu-Europe fast train will become the most stable, timely and effective train. (January 5th, Sichuan Daily/Kou Minfang)






98 New Taiwan-funded Companies Came to Sichuan in 2016

In 2016, thanks to the efforts made to promote Sichuan-Taiwan economic communication and cooperation, there were 98 Taiwan-funded enterprises came to Sichuan province with the amount of USD 794 million, among them,13 companies invested more than USD 10 million. 18 Taiwan-funded companies increased its investment in Sichuan. The investment that Taiwan businessmen have put centers on electronic information, food and drinks, building materials, department stores, modern agriculture, modern service and so on. Up to now, there are 1,861 Taiwan-funded enterprises that are registered in Sichuan with the investment of USD 17.96 billion, and 211 companies invested more than USD 10 million. (January 5th, Sichuan Daily/Liu Xing)


Key Projects


101 Projects Start Collectively in Guangyuan

On December 30th, 2016, 101 projects started in Guangyuan with a total investment of 13.86 billion yuan. Among them, 21 are infrastructure projects of 3,042 million yuan; 59 industry development projects of 9,222 million yuan; 12 projects of livelihood and social work of1,360 million yuan. (January 3rd, Sichuan Daily/Cheng Wenwen)


Meishan Part of Tianfu New Area: Hundred Million Yuan Projects Come One After Another

On November 7th, 2016, during the Tianfu New Area Culture Tourism Promotion Conference and Signing Ceremony of Key Projects, 4 "hundreds of millions" projects chose Meishan part of the Tianfu New Area out of the 7 projects, with the amount of 180 billion yuan including 10 billion yuan from Singapore Yanlord international cultural Eco-City Project. Meishan Part of Tianfu New Area has maintained this momentum of surpassing ten billion yuan of GDP since 2015.

By far, 306 enterprises have settled down in Meishan part of Tianfu New Area, including 131 enterprises above the designated scale, 11 Fortune Global 500 companies, 24 new and Hi-tech enterprise and 16 provincial innovative enterprises. It's predicated that the GDP of this area would reach 11.3 billion yuan in 2016, and 11 billion yuan would be invested in the area and the total output value of enterprises above the designated scale would hit 44.5 billion yuan. (January 3rd, Sichuan Daily/Jiang Junfang)


Opening of Guang'an (Shenzhen) Industrial Park

On December 28th, 2016, the "Feidi" Industrial Park in Guang'an - the Guang'an (Shenzhen) Industrial Park officially opened. The Industrial Park has an overall planning area of 15 square kilometers, centers on Guang'an Port and is composed of two industrial zones with high-end equipment manufacturing, intelligent electronics and prefabricated building as the leading industries and is planned to be built into a Shenzhen industrial extension demonstration base, and an eastern and western China cooperation demonstration zone. (January 4th, Sichuan Daily/Liao Yuandan, Wang Shixia)


BYD Settles Down in Guang'an and the First Cloud Rail Demonstration Line in Sichuan to Established in 2017

Guang'an City has signed an agreement with BYD Company and BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. respectively on January 12th. BYD Company is going to start building the first cross-saddle monorail technology demonstration line in Sichuan in February of this year. Meanwhile it will set up "cloud rail" production base in Guang'an and promote its "cloud rail" technology in Sichuan.

BYD "cloud rail", i.e. air monorail electric traffic, is a self-developed iron cell with a transport capacity of about 10-30 thousand people/hour and a maximum speed of 80 kilometers/h. As a rail transit with small-medium transport capacity, it's mainly used for solving traffic congestion in small and medium-sized cities. In addition, BYD will also build a "cloud rail" production base in Guang'an. Settled in Guang'an (Shenzhen) Industrial Park, the Project covers an area of 700,000 square meters, in which, 400,000 square meters will be used in the initial stage and the initial total investment amounts to 2 billion yuan. Production lines of track beam, turnout and vehicles will be established in the initial period to achieve an annual production capacity of 50 kilometers, and when the Project reaches the postpartum, the annual value will exceed 10 billion yuan. (January 13th, Sichuan Daily/Wang Shixia)


Listed Companies Signed Intention Agreements of 46 Billion Yuan with Tri-State Area

On January 13th, representatives of Overseas Chinese Town, Listed Companies Association of Sichuan, Chengdu (Sichuan-Tibet) Equity Exchange Center and other listed companies and financial intermediaries have negotiated on 21 key projects of cultural tourism industry, agriculture, mineral industry and other competitive industries in Aba, Liangshan and Ganzi with 28 enterprises and 23 key public fostering enterprises. The listed companies have signed 36 cooperation agreements with a total intentional cooperation amount of 46 billion yuan with the governments of the tri-state area. (January 15th, Sichuan Daily/Xu Denglin)




Industry Information


Breaking Through 70 Million Kilowatts, Sichuan Hydro-power Installation Capacity Tops the Nation

On December 29th, 2016, the first unit of Changhe dam hydro-power station and Houziyan hydro-power station was combined to the grid. Sichuan hydro-power installation capacity exceeded the 70 million kilowatts mark. After breaking through 70 million kilowatts, Sichuan hydro-power installation capacity has accounted for one fifth of the national total and leaped to the first place in China, which has further reflected the status of Sichuan national clean energy base. If calculated as per full capacity operation, the installation capacity will be 70 million kilowatts and the annual power generation will amount to 613.2 billion kilowatts, which can meet the power consumption need for 3 years in Sichuan. (January 1st, Sichuan Daily/Hu Zhaohui, Li Xinyi)


Two PPP Projects in Sichuan Province Were Selected into the Global Infrastructure Hub

The Global Infrastructure Hub has recently released the first 6 China infrastructure PPP projects, and the construction project of first-class highway from Nuoshui River of Bazhong City to Guangwushan Mountain and the Huanghe Lake environmental comprehensive rectification project in Shizhong District of Neijiang City recommended by Sichuan Province have been successfully included in the GIH project library.

GIH was founded in 2014 with the approval of summit of G-20 leaders, is headquartered in Sydney and aims at promoting and optimizing the investment and cooperation in infrastructure field between government and social capital by sharing the best global infrastructure investment practices, investment strategies and risk management tools. (January 6th, Sichuan Daily/Chen Yan)


Chengdu Core Valley Project Commenced

On December 30th, 2016, construction of the "China Integrated Circuit·Chengdu Core Valley" has commenced in Shuangliu District of Chengdu City. The project is the second key project launched by the China Electronics Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 enterprise, in Chengdu after the 8.6-LCD panel production line project.

Divided into pilot area, development area and manufacturing area, Chengdu Core Valley is planned to cover an area of about 20 square kilometers and focus on developing IC design, IC manufacturing, IC package test and IC related industry chains. At present, the first 7 heavyweight projects have settled in the valley. "Chengdu Core Valley" is planned to achieve an overall gross output of 30 billion yuan by the year 2020, in which, the integrated circuit industry reaches 20 billion yuan. (January 3rd, Sichaun Daily/Luo Xiangming)


Sichuan Province Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

On the afternoon of January 3rd, the Sichuan provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. in Chengdu. The agreement determines that both parties will earnestly implement the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and shareable development and deepen the cooperation in the ten aspects, including construction of information and communication technology R&D center, cloud computing and large data service, information security industry, smart city, software and information service, cultivation of new industrial format, construction of new generation information infrastructure facility network, construction of information and communication technology opening cooperation platform and talent cultivation. (January 3rd, Sichuan Daily/Li Xinyi)


Sichuan Nuclear Technology Manufacturing Innovation Center Has Been Established

On January 11th, the Sichuan Nuclear Technology Manufacturing Innovation Center jointly launched by Sichuan Province and the China National Nuclear Corporation was officially founded in Chengdu. This is a specific implementation result of Sichuan Province as a national nuclear equipment manufacturing base, and it's also China's first nuclear technology manufacturing innovation center. The innovation center is led by China National Nuclear Corporation and Nuclear Power Institute and jointly participated by 44 nuclear related enterprises, including Dongfang Electric Corporation and China Academy of Engineering Physics. The center aims at the significant requirements in   the areas of nuclear power design and manufacturing, nuclear technology application and R&D as well as innovative development in manufacturing field and commits to building a cross-border coordination innovative ecosystem. Sichuan is an important nuclear industrial base in China, now has formed nuclear technology research and development, nuclear equipment manufacturing and nuclear fuel cycle three advantageous industries. The innovation center will form a strong driving force and play a significant role in promoting the industrialization of nuclear technology industry and enhancing the national scientific and technological strength in the field. (January 12th, Sichuan Daily/Chen Yan)


Industrial Investment of Sichuan Province Exceeded 800 Billion Yuan in 2016

In 2016, the industrial investment and technical transformation investment of the whole province have broken through 800 billion yuan and 600 billion yuan respectively and both have realized double digit growth. The whole province's industrial investment achieved 816.2 billion yuan and increased by 10.9%. The total social technical transformation investment reached 601.2 billion and increased by 13.1%. Both have completed the annual expected goal one month earlier and successfully turned around the situation of low growth of industrial and technical transformation investment in the past two years. An accumulative investment of 42.4 billion yuan has been completed for 56 major industrial projects, which accounted for 146.7% of the annual investment planning; An investment of 57.4 billion yuan has been completed for 144 provincial key industrial and technical transformation projects, which accounted for 135.7% of the annual investment planning; province, cities and counties have jointly promoted 500 key industries with an investment of over 100 million yuan and completed an investment of 98.1 billion yuan for key technical transformation projects, which accounted for 120.2% of the annual investment planning. 2017 key projects which were completed in 2015 and 2016, put into operation and reached design capacity in 2016 have achieved a newly increased output value of over 120 billion yuan. The expected goal was realized and the industrial growth exceeded 40%. 590.4 billion yuan has been invested to manufacturing industry with a year-on-year growth of 13.7% and the increasing range is 2.8 percentage points higher than that of industrial investment; investment to industries that have excess production capacity decreased by 1%. (January 17th, Sichuan Daily/Chen Yan)


3M Western China Technology Center Was Successfully Established in Chengdu

The 3M Western China Technology Center was established and put into operation on January 18th. The Center is the fourth technical center established by 3M after those in Beijing, Guangzhou and Suzhou. 3M, a Fortune Global 500 company, is a global diversified scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise, a product and service provider for customers in nearly 200 countries and have developed nearly 70,000 products ranging from household goods to medical supplies and covering various fields, including transportation, building, commerce, education, electronics and communication. (January 20th, Sichuan Daily/Chen Yan)


Convention & Exhibition



Sichuan CCPIT Council


The CCPIT of Sichuan Province and the Consulate General of Foreign Countries in Chengdu Held a Symposium for the Coming Chinese New Year

On January 12th, 2017, the CCPIT of Sichuan Province and the consulate generals in Chengdu jointly held a symposium for the coming Chinese New Year. President Li Gang delivered a speech at the symposium on behalf of the CCPIT of Sichuan Province and the Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the participation of foreign consulates in Chengdu and expressed gratitude to these agencies for their long-term support; in his speech, he reviewed the basic situation of foreign cooperation and exhibitions held in 2016, introduced the 8th "China (Sichuan) - South Asia Business Promotion Round-Table Conference", the 4th "Chengdu Auto Parts & After-sales Service Exhibition" and the 2nd "China (Chengdu) International Industry Fair Wisdom" emphatically to be carried out in 2017, meanwhile pledged to continue to strengthen communication and exchange with the consulates, encourage and support Sichuan enterprises to participate in the activity of  "million enterprises to go abroad", actively work to deepen bilateral economic and trade cooperation and enhance the level of opening up. The consul-generals and commercial consul-generals of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Thailand, Switzerland and Pakistan in Chengdu as well as the Head of the Chengdu Economic and Trade Office of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region were invited to the symposium.



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