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Integrating into “One Belt One Road” Strategy and Promoting Development jointly with South Asia

Source:International Cooperation Department     Reading times:134     Time:2015-07-06

“The 6th South Asia – Sichuan Business Promotion Round-Table Conference” (hereafter referred to as “Round-Table Conference”) co-hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and organized by CCPIT Sichuan Council had its grand opening in Chengdu on June 15th, 2015. Prior to the conference, in his meeting with Duminda Dissayanake, Minister of Agriculture of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and other guests, Wei Hong, vice-secretary of Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee and Governor of Sichuan Province, observed that the Round-Table Conference has been held for 5 times with notable results, and that thanks to the guidance of “One Belt One Road” National Strategy, Sichuan is becoming the front of South Asia – China cooperation, and he expects more proposals on cooperation and broader consensus from the conference. In the meantime,SichuanProvincevalues its friendship with South Asian countries and supports exchanges and cooperation of various kinds betweenSichuanenterprises and their South Asian counterparts. It is hoped that all parties shall explore new cooperation models, create new cooperation platforms to pursue common development and win-win result through joint efforts. Vice-governor Gan Lin, ministers of relevant South Asian countries and chairman of SCCI attended the “Round-Table Conference” and delivered speeches.


Mr. Weihong, Governor of Sichuan Province meet with the South Asian delegation


The 6th South Asia – Sichuan Business Promotion Round-Table Conference

Vice-governor began his speech by extending his warm welcome to the guests and entrepreneurs from South Asian countries in attendance, and expressing his sincere sympathy to the victims and their losses in a massive magnitude-8.1 earthquake inNepalnot long ago. He pointed out that Sichuan Province, a major player in western China in economy, population and resources, boasted a GDP of USD 467 billion, up 8.5% year on year, ranking 8th in the country and 1st in western China; as a highland of an inland province opening to the outside world, Sichuan has established economic and trade relations with more than 210 countries and regions. Currently, 283 out of Fortune 500 Companies have made investment inSichuanwith 210 foreign ones, and 14 countries, includingIndia,PakistanandSri  Lanka, have set up consulates here andSichuanhas 82 international routes, including direct flights to Mumbai,KarachiandKathmandu. An openSichuanis showing flourishing growth momentum. He underlined that in line with the overall national strategy of “One Belt One Road” and “One Belt One Road Strategy” and “251 Three-Year Action Plan” of Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee and Provincial People’s Government, Sichuan will put emphasis on promoting investment cooperation with South Asian countries and carry out pragmatic cooperation, expand bilateral economic and trade exchange and pursue mutual benefit and win-win result by centering on the theme of “Infrastructure Construction and Development in South Asia” and “Investment Trade and Industrial Transfer”.


Mr. Gan Lin, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province

In his speech, Ismail Asif, president of SCCI, remarked that the Round-Table Conference has been held for 5 times, which shows cooperation between South Asia andSichuanis sincere and friendly. Delegations fromIndia,Sri Lanka,Afghanistan,Pakistanand other South Asian countries have attended “Western China International Fair”, “Imported Commodity Fair”. On the other end, since 2013, more than 150Sichuanenterprises have attended conferences and exhibitions or held their own ones inIndia,Nepal,PakistanandBangladeshwith the signed contracts worth USD 860 million. It has been proven that round-table conference is not only a platform for economic and trade cooperation, but also for equal communication, cooperative development and friendship between South Asia andSichuan. He expressed wishes for round-table conference playing a greater role in Chinese government’s “One Belt One Road” national strategy and enjoying further development.


Ms. Wang Li, Representative of CCPIT


 Ismail Asif, president of SCCI

Duminda Dissayanake, Minister of Agriculture of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Sunil Bahadur Thapa, minister of Commerce and Supplies of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, chamber of commerce and industry of South Asian countries, officials of embassies and consulates and members of parliament gave introduction to investment policies, investment environment, investment projects, tourism and cultural exchanges in their respective countries and expressed their will to enhance exchange and deepen cooperation with Sichuan Province to assist in Sichuan integrating into “One Belt One Road” strategy and keeping its position as the “bellwether” in western China, thus realizing common development. China Development Bank Sichuan Branch, centering on Silk Road Fund, and Institute ofSouth Asian Studies,SichuanUniversity, centering on The Pivotal Role of South Asian Countries in the Construction of “One BeltOne  Road, delivered brilliant speeches.


Duminda Dissayanake, Minister of Agriculture of Sri Lanka


Sunil Bahadur Thapa, minister of Commerce and Supplies of Nepal

Sichuan Ming Chuan Chengyu Co., Ltd signed a RMB 8 billion thermal power project agreement with Pakistani Government, Power China Chengdu Engineering Corporation Limited signed a USD 900 million water conservancy and irrigation engineering cooperation project with Non-Starvation Organization of the Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka. In addition, NITOL-NILOY GROUP of Bangladesh and Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd signed memorandum of understanding, the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry and CCPIT Sichuan Council signed a memorandum of cooperation.

3 parallel meetings were also held during the “Round-Table Conference”. In the 1st meeting Sunil Bahadur Thapa, minister of Commerce and Supplies of Nepal made a presentation on post-disaster reconstruction project in Nepal, Pakistani members of parliament gave an introduction to the status quo and prospect of economic development of Punjab Province and Uttar Pradesh in India made a presentation on cooperation projects. In the 2nd meeting 72Sichuanenterprises and 48 enterprises fromSouth Asiaengaged in face-to-face talks. In the 3rd meeting in-depth exchanges and discussions centered on the topics of the next “Round-Table Conference” and rotating country were made.92 guests from South Asia, including Sunil Bahadur Thapa, minister of Commerce and Supplies of Nepal, will also pay a visit to Wenchuan post-disaster reconstruction projects and Chengdu ace commercial vehicles of China Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd.

In the Closing Meeting of Parallel Meetings, Ismail Asif, president of SAARC CCI, remarked that this “Round-Table Conference” is clear in theme, rich in content and notable in result. For example, a large number of projects related to transportation, energy and tourism, especially infrastructure construction were promoted, quite a few substantial agreements were signed, exchange and communication between companies from the two sides were strengthened and a proposal to include the “Round-Table Conference” in one of the important economic and trade cooperation platforms for South Asia and Sichuan integrating into “One Belt One Road” strategy and to enable this platform to be more influential and attractive to enterprises was put forward.

Around 380 guests, including Cai Jing, Deputy Secretary-General and Director of the General Office of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, Wu Xiankui, Director of the Counselor’s Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, head of Agriculture Department, Department of Commerce and Department of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs, head of South Asian Chambers of Commerce, officials from the embassies and consulates of South Asian countries to China and representatives of entrepreneurs from South Asian countries and Sichuan, attended the meetings and conference. Li Gang, president of CCPIT Sichuan Council, Abdul Matlub Ahmad, president of FBCCI, the rotating presidency, Iqbal Tabish, Secretary-General of SCCI and Li Li, vice president of CCPIT Sichuan Council presided over the meeting.

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