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Targeted and effective presentations and talks of South Asia Round-Table Conference

Source:International Cooperation Department     Reading times:151     Time:2015-07-06

“The 6th South Asia – Sichuan Business Promotion Round-table Conference” also held “South Asia Project Promotion” and “South Asia-Sichuan Enterprise Docking Meeting” in the afternoon on June 15th, 2015.

Project Promotion Conference

In the “Project Promotion”, Sunil Bahadur Thapa, minister of Commerce of Nepal, made a presentation on infrastructure projects and post-disaster reconstruction projects. Pakistani senator Abdul Qayyum and Debapriya Das, representative of the Office of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in India, made presentations on infrastructure projects. The two countries welcome and wish Sichuan enterprises to make investment and establish cooperation with their countries. More than 50 Sichuan enterprises attended the Promotion. After the Promotion, Sichuan enterprises asked for the details of the promoted projects and copied the list of the promoted projects.

In the “Enterprise Meeting”, 23 enterprises from South Asia and 52 Chinese ones engaged in face-to-face multilateral talks. It is worth noting that business delegation from Bangladesh specially made a “list of Bangladeshi enterprises and projects” to offer information of the delegation and express wish for cooperation. After the meeting, heads of South Asian enterprises also visited related Sichuan enterprises.

Statistical Table of the Results of the South Asia-Sichuan Enterprise Docking Meeting


Chinese Enterprises

Chambers   of Commerce and Industry and Enterprises of the 7 South Asian Countries

Negotiating Intentions and Negotiated Projects


Guangyuan Jinqiao Electronics Co., Ltd

Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka

The ministry intended to purchase 10,000   solar power insecticidal lamps and the 2 parties agreed to discuss specific   issues concerning cooperation after reviewing samples. The intended amount is   RMB 20 million.


Bazhong, Sichuan Province

Tianhao Eco-Agriculture Co., Ltd

Marias Agro Center of Sri Lanka

Preliminary agreement has been reached on   two-way trade of marine product, seeds, flowers and plants and seedlings. The   intended amount is USD 760,000.

Strong intention agreement has been reached   in investment on agricultural farming and breeding by the Chinese side and   the formal agreement will be sighed after field visit. The intended amount is   USD 3 million.


Push Information & Automation (Chengdu)   Co., Ltd

Rang Mela Marine Product Co., Ltd of   Bangladesh

Provide related products and services of   food safety traceability system for marine products of the Bangladeshi   company and assist in product traceability and improving food safety and   bringing it into Chinese market. The intended amount is USD 300,000-1 million   a year.


Sichuan Golden-Elephant Sincerity Chemical   Co., Ltd

1. Fertilizer Secretariat of the Department   of Agriculture of Marias Agro Center of Sri Lanka

2. Pakistan International Bro. Group

1. An intended amount of USD 500,000 has   been agreed on export of fertilizer;

2. Learn the Pakistani policies for the   import of chemical engineering technology. A Pakistani company intends to buy   China’s methanol technology and establish methanol plant in Pakistan.


Sichuan Hongya Qingyijiang Sodium Sulphate   Co., Ltd

Nizam Group of Company of Bangladesh

The two sides will continue to learn the   products and clients on increasing export of sodium sulphate products to   Bangladesh and expanding demand of textile, printing and dyeing market. The   two sides will also work on details of cooperation. The intended amount is   USD 50,000.


Sichuan Dongfang Transformer Co., Ltd

Afghanistan Import & Export Co., Ltd

Negotiations on cooperation of the export   of transformer


CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd

SREI Consulting Co., Ltd of India

Negotiations on cooperation of   engineering-type project


Sichuan Shuguang Group


2. Marias Agro Center of Sri Lanka

1. Preliminary intention agreement on   cooperation of infrastructure with ICEC.

2. Intention on cooperation of Sri Lankan tea leaf agent


Guangyuan Yilan Daer Food Co., Ltd


Preliminary investment and cooperation   intention agreement has been reached: mainly on food, including beef and nut.   The Chinese side provides equipment and technology and the Bangladeshi side   is responsible for marketing. Issues of tariff and freight will be discussed   in emails between the two sides.


Sichuan Yili (Group) Co., Ltd


Cooperation intention has been reached on   the sale of agricultural products and kiwifruit


Sichuan Southwest Huahui Industry Co., Ltd


Cooperation intention has been reached on   the sale of industrial products, steel arranging nails for construction   decoration, special steel nail, layer drilling nail, drywall nail and   straight row nail.


Sichuan Guanghua Hydropower Engineering   Co., Ltd

Bangladesh Telecom/Sanjog Business Center

Cooperation intention on municipal   construction and infrastructure, including urban streetlight, digital   municipal management comprehensive system, digital urban management   comprehensive system, urban water supply automation and community digital   intelligent management.


Sichuan Xudong Machinery Manufacturing Co.,   Ltd.

Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka

In-depth exchange with officials from the   Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka on the price, performance and use of   small agricultural machinery products

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