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Lv Furong, vice president of CCPIT Sichuan Council met with the Delegation led by Francoise Gatel,French national senator and chairwoman of French Association of Characteristic Small Towns

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On the afternoon of December 13, 2017, Lv Furong, vice president of CCPIT Sichuan Council met with the Delegation led by Francoise Gatel,French national senator and chairwoman of French Association of Characteristic Small Towns.


Vice President Lv Furong expressed her welcome to the chairwoman and her entourage, and thanked her for the support given during CCPIT Sichuan Council's visit in France.She pointed out that Sichuan attaches great importance to the construction of characteristic small towns. Currently the number of characteristic small towns with national recognition ranks No.3 in China, and construction of characteristic small towns is an important content of implementing the rural revitalization strategy.According to the planning, prior to 2020, relying on the unique and abundant natural and cultural tourism resources of Sichuan, there will be 100 characteristic small towns and a batch of world-class characteristic small towns established.She hoped that both sides would deepen the communication, by which Sichuan can learn from the experience and evaluation criteria of French characteristic small towns and introduce advanced ideas of France, and at the same time, bring Sichuan's tourism resources and products to the world.

The president Francoise Gatel,expressed her thanks to the warm reception from CCPIT Sichuan Council and gave a brief introduction of the association.As she mentioned, the association was established 40 years ago and originated in Bretagne Région. It has 143 members and covers a population of over 400,000.The association has played an important role in the construction of characteristic small towns. It helps small towns and enterprises to apply for national budget support for characteristic small towns' transformation, guides and assists local small towns to explore their own features and advantages, so as to revitalize local industries, and adapt to the needs of modernization and vigorously develop tourism while preserving historic sites.She hoped to keep communicating and sharing experiences with Sichuan.

Vice President Lv Furong later introduced the general situation of CCPIT Sichuan Council.As she mentioned, focusing on the "Belt and Road" initiative, CCPIT Sichuan Council has organized delegations every year to visit countries of high industry matching degree with Sichuan and promote docking between Sichuan enterprises and local enterprises.Next year, CCPIT Sichuan Council will continue to arrange delegations to visit Europe for further exchange and communication. We will pay special attention to France's experience in building national competitive industries and foster communication.We hope that the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation in tourism, agriculture, automobile and other industries.

Li Jun, Executive vice president of Sichuan Association of Rural Tourism was present at the meeting. He expressed thanks to the support from French Association of Characteristic Small Towns and CCPIT Sichuan Council, and pointed out that currently Sichuan Association of Rural Tourism has participated in the work of rural revitalization strategy of Sichuan, and relevant evaluation criteria are
under formulation. The communication today is effective to learn the advanced experience from France, and future communication is expected for both sides.

Heads of Administration Office, International Cooperation Department, Conference Information Department and Administration Office were also present.

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