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Sichuan has 6 World Heritage sites, ranking second in the country, including 3 World Natural Heritage sites (Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Sichuan Giant Panda Habitat), 1 World Cultural and Natural Heritage site (Mount Emei-Leshan Giant Buddha), 1 World Cultural Heritage site (Mount Qingcheng-Dujiangyan), 1 World Irrigation Project Heritage site (Dongfengyan) There are 4 reserves (Jiuzhai, Wolong, Huanglong, and Daocheng Yading) that are included in International Man and Biosphere Reserve Network.  

Sichuan has 15 national scenic sites (2017), 75 provincial scenic sites (2010), and 5 of "40 best tourist resorts in China" (2010). As of July, 2017, there are 12 national 5A tour sites in Sichuan Province, and 185 4A sites. Mount Emei and Jiuzhaigou are included in the first batch of national 5A tour sites.

At the end of 2016, there were 169 nature reserves covering 83,450 square kilometers, accounting for 17.2% of the total land area in Sichuan province. At the end of the year there were 15 ecological counties (districts) at the national level and 48 ecological counties (cities or districts) at the provincial level.  

Sichuan has a complex geological structure and rich geological landscape, with more than 220 geological relics identified. There are  2 world geoparks including Xingwen and Zigong (As one of the three largest dinosaur museums  in the world, Zigong Dinosaur Museum is as famous as the National Dinosaur Park in the U.S and Dinosaur Park in Canada), 14 national geoparks, 16 national water scenic sites, the total number ranking among the forefront in the nation.

Sichuan has 8 national historical and cultural cities, 21 cities among China's Excellent Tour Cities, 230 national key cultural relics protection sites, and 139 items are listed among the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Since ancient times, there has always been the saying that "The world best landscapes are situated in Sichuan", with the fact that "Emei is the most beautiful mountain, Qingcheng the most peaceful, Jianmen the most precipitous, and Jincheng the most wonderous of the world". Sichuan has Gongga Mountain (king of Sichuan mountains), Siguniang Mountain (queen of Sichuan mountains), Huaying Mountain (mountain of romance), Jincheng Mountain (Taoist fairyland), Qingcheng Mountain (one of the four major Taoist mountains), Mount Emei (one of the four major Buddhist mountains), Luoji Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, Thousand-buddah Mountain, Mengding Mountain, Xiling Snow-Capped Mountain and other famous mountains. There are Hengduan Mountains series including Que'er Mountain, Big Snow Mountain, Qionglai Mountain, Minshan Mountain, as well as the Major Liangshan, Minor Liangshan, Longmen Mountain, Danjing Mountain, Gexian Mountain, Micang Mountain, Daba Mountain, Longquan Mountain, of different sizes.  


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