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Agriculture in 2017

Source:International Cooperation Department     Reading times:6     Time:2018-04-04

The annual sown area of food crops was 6.441 million hectares, down 0.2% from the previous year; the sown area of oil crops was 1.337 million hectares, up 2.3% from the previous year; the sown area of Chinese herbal medicines was 133 thousand hectares, up 14.2%; and the sown area of vegetables was 1.406 million hectares, up 1.9%.

The annual grain output was 34.984 million tons, an increase of 0.4% over the previous year, including a 0.4% decline in the grain output in the winter-spring season and a 0.6% increase in the grain output in the summer-autumn season. In the economic crops, the oil production was 3.235 million tons, 3.9% up; the yield of tobacco leaf was 202 thousand tons, 7.5% down, vegetable and edible fungus production was 45.23 million tons, 3.1% up; tea output was 283 thousand tons, 5.7% up, fruit production was 8.95 million tons, 5.2% up; and the yield of Chinese herbal medicine was 512 thousand tons, 11.3% up.

The annual hog slaughter was 65.791 million, 5% less from the previous year; cattle slaughter was 2.673 million, 0.5% down, goat and sheep slaughter was 17.804 million, 1.4% up; and poultry slaughter was 652.598 million, 3.7% down. Pork production decreased by 4.5%, beef production increased by 2.7%, and lamb and goat production increased by 1.3%.  Eggs production decreased by 2.4% and milk production increased by 1.5%.

546,000 hectares of barren land (sand) were forested througout the year. At the end of the year, there were 1.769 million hectares of protected forest area in the province. At the end of the year, there were 64 wetland parks in the province, including 29 national wetland parks. At the end of the year, forest cover rate reached 38.03%, 1.15 percentage point higher than the previous year.

Aquaculture reached an area of 220,000 hectares in the year, up 2.4% from the previous year, contributing 1.544 million tones of aquatic products, up 6.2%.

The annual effective irrigation area of new farmland was 71,000 hectares, and the area of effective irrigation at the end of the year reached 2.876 million hectares.  The annual total area of controlled soil erosion reached 477,000 hectares, totaling 9.457 million hectares.  The total power of agricultural machinery at the end of the year reached 45.3 million kilowatts, including an additional 800,000 kilowatts.  Annual electricity consumption in rural areas reached 18.94 billion kilowatts, an increase of 3.4%.

 Sichuan has 8 national historical and cultural cities, 21 cities among China's Excellent Tour Cities, 230 national key cultural relics protection sites, and 139 items are listed among the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Since ancient times, there has always been the saying that "The world best landscapes are situated in Sichuan", with the fact that "Emei is the most beautiful mountain, Qingcheng the most peaceful, Jianmen the most precipitous, and Jincheng the most wonderous of the world". Sichuan has Gongga Mountain (king of Sichuan mountains), Siguniang Mountain (queen of Sichuan mountains), Huaying Mountain (mountain of romance), Jincheng Mountain (Taoist fairyland), Qingcheng Mountain (one of the four major Taoist mountains), Mount Emei (one of the four major Buddhist mountains), Luoji Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, Thousand-buddah Mountain, Mengding Mountain, Xiling Snow-Capped Mountain and other famous mountains. There are Hengduan Mountains series including Que'er Mountain, Big Snow Mountain, Qionglai Mountain, Minshan Mountain, as well as the Major Liangshan, Minor Liangshan, Longmen Mountain, Danjing Mountain, Gexian Mountain, Micang Mountain, Daba Mountain, Longquan Mountain, of different sizes.  


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