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Sichuan is located in the transitional zone between Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and

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    Act in an opera in this year, the ccpit in guangyuan city, to adhere to the economic and trade enterprises, take three measures to promote foreign economic and trade exchanges and cooperation has achieved significant results. Until now, the project contract is 307.3 million yuan, including: the contract of 57.3 million yuan, intention agreement of 250 million yuan.

One is to strengthen the enterprise service. Sustained development "enterprise" activities, highlighting "stand out" activities to promote, foreign policy propaganda work, information advisory services, has more than 70 visiting the city, a talk more than 10 times, coordinate to solve the practical difficulties and specific problems in the enterprise production and business operation more than 10 pieces, in view of the sky kang kang medical instrument co., LTD., reflects the problems of the certificate of origin to deal with difficult, timely follow up and coordinate the province ccpit solution in place quickly.

The second is product ?

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