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Sichuan Economy and Trade Trends Monthly, March 2017

Source:     Time:2017-04-13

Sichuan Economy and Trade Trends MonthlyMarch, 2017


Published by CCPIT Sichuan Council




Macro Economy

-Sichuan Province Issued Overall Plan on Building up "Internet Plus Center"

-Sichuan Gives Favorable Policies to Foreign Talents in Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Laboratory Area and Free Trade Zone

-Chengdu Striding towards the National Important Center of Advanced Manufacturing Industry

-Six Movements Promote the Development of Strategic and Emerging Industries

-Sichuan Provides Special Funds to Support SMEs Development

-Sichuan Provincial Government Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreements with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Transport

Foreign Trade

-The First Train from Chengdu to Belarus Available

-Chengdu Cooperates with Macau Exchange in the Field of Financial Innovation

-Sichuan's Import and Export Grew by over 70% in the First Two Months of This Year

-Sichuan's Total Number of International Friendship Cities and Friendly Cooperation Relationships Grew to 218

-Sichuan Energy Investment Joined Hands with State Corporations

-Matchmaking Conference Between Sichuan and Overseas Fortune Global 500 Companies Held in Beijing

-2017 The Czech Republic Exploration Forum Was Held in Chengdu

Key Projects

-Construction of 80% of 122 Projects has been initiated

-Forestry Output Value of Liangshan Breaks Through RMB 15 Billion This Year

-19 Key Transportation Projects Commenced

-General Airports Will Cover All Cities and Prefectures of Sichuan Province by the Year 2020

Industry Information

-The First "Made in Sichuan" Airbus A320 Front Boarding Gate Was Delivered

-"Made in Sichuan" Basalt Fiber Takes Over Commanding Height

-Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Outlined Development Goals for Biological Medicine Industry

-13-hour Direct Flight from Chengdu to Los Angles

-Intelligent Connected New Energy Automotive Technology Research Center Was Established

-Direct Flight from Chengdu to Auckland Will Be Open in June

-Sichuan and Guizhou Wine Associations Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Convention & Exhibition

-The 96th China Food and Drinks Fair Opens Today in Chengdu

Sichuan CCPIT Council

-Sichuan Trade Promotion Association Held Matchmaking and Discussion for the Investment Project of Decathlon Group in Sichuan

-2017 Chengdu Auto Parts Exhibition Promotion and News Release Meeting was Held in Chengdu

-Vice President Lu Furong Met with the Commercial Counselor of Israeli Consulate General in Chengdu



Macro Economy

Sichuan Province Issued Overall Plan on Building up "Internet Plus Center"

On February 28th, Sichuan Province issued the Overall Plan on Building Up "Internet Plus Center" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). Making specific plans from aspects of government affair, transaction services, public services and transparent government affairs, the Plan, relying on the Internet, will take full use of Cloud Computing, Big Date and other technologies to establish a provincial interlinked and integrated service system and comprehensively improve provincial government service quality and informatization, electronization and intelligent level of public resource trading system. (February 28th, Sichuan Daily/Liu Wenzao)

Sichuan Gives Favorable Policies to Foreign Talents in Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Laboratory Area and Free Trade Zone

Presently, high-level talents from other provinces finding a job in Sichuan face complicate and time-wasting entry formalities. Only foreign talents included in the "National One Thousand Plan" can apply for a permanent residence in China. In order to support construction and development of comprehensive innovation and reform pilot area and free trade zone of Sichuan, enhance efforts in talent and capital introduction, implement national talent strategy and facilitate internationalization process, Sichuan Province plans to imitate and promote the existing immigration policy which may have obvious effect according to the characteristics of Sichuan's comprehensive innovation and reform laboratory area and free trade zone and provide convenience for foreign high-level talents recognized by personnel authorities and their families as well as foreign investors and entrepreneurs in comprehensive innovation and reform laboratory area and free trade zone to handle exit and entry, stay and permanent residence procedures. (March 1st, Sichuan Daily/Li Xinyi and Zhong Zhenyu)

Chengdu Striding towards the National Important Center of Advanced Manufacturing Industry

Last year, Chengdu topped all cities in China for its high indicators of industrial investment growth and technical reform investment growth. Chengdu set a goal of "double 30%" this year, which refers to industrial investment growth reaches over 30%, taking up over 30% of fixed assets investment. From now on, Chengdu will conduct a major project commencement ceremony every quarter and each district (city) or county will conduct major project commencement ceremony once or twice every quarter. By the end of the first quarter, 457 major projects in Chengdu commenced. There were 171 industrial development projects with a total investment of RMB 81.785 billion. (March 2nd, Sichuan Daily/Zhang Zhanguo)

Six Movements Promote the Development of Strategic and Emerging Industries

Sichuan Provincial People's Government issued the Sichuan Provincial "13th Five-Year" Strategic and Emerging Industrial Development Plan a few days ago, disclosing the development plan, spatial layout and major projects of a series of strategic emerging industries like new information technology, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, biology and energy-saving & environmental protection during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. By the year 2020, Sichuan is expected to establish itself as a development highland for national strategic and emerging industries and the innovation development and transition area for national industries.

According to the Plan, the total output of strategic and emerging industries will rise sharply before 2020, the percentage of added value is expected to reach 15%. The annual average growth of invention patent will be over 12%, the invention patent ownership of every ten thousand people will double. A batch of leading backbone enterprises with strong independent innovation ability will be formed. Relevant standards, credit system and laws and regulation system will be more and more perfect. Market competition will be fairer. A new industrial ecology suitable for new modes and new businesses will take initial shape.

 In order to achieve the goals, the Plan puts forward six movements: firstly, improving innovation ability by establishing scientific achievements conversion mechanism and promoting sabbatical leave in universities and research institutes, secondly, cultivating backbone enterprises by introducing competitive enterprises into global innovation network and establishing research centers and technical conversion platforms in European and American countries, thirdly, developing market by making use of government's guiding role and purchasing services, fourthly, upgrading park functions by further authorizing management authorities and functions in the fields of economy, society and administration to the national hi-tech industrial development zone, fifthly, boosting military and civilian integration by developing national defense intellectual property decryption and conversion transaction pilot project and military research institute cadre part-time tenure reform pilot project and finally, promoting open up and cooperation by supporting local companies to formulate international standards and apply for international patents and strengthening company and product international accreditation cooperation. The Plan also proposes to develop Internet equity financing pilot project to expand channels of equity financing for technology start-up businesses, further perfect subsidy policy in solar PV, wind power and new energy automobile and issue taxation supporting policies for innovative investment activities. (March 3rd, Sichuan Daily/Chen Yan)

Sichuan Provides Special Funds to Support SMEs Development

In order to standardize and strengthen the management on special funds for SMEs development, the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Department of Finance of Sichuan Province and Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province jointly issued the Interim Management Procedures of Sichuan Province on Special Funds for SMEs Development. Special funds will be used to improve SMEs' developing ability, perfect service system and support technical innovation.

In terms of improving capacities, special funds will help large, medium, small and micro enterprises to establish collaboration with each other, promote new technology development, new product conversion and industrialization and develop special competitive industries. To support SMEs and perfect service system, special funds will give assistance through rewards, subsidization and government purchase. Taking comprehensive service project as an example, the government will give a subsidy of no more than 40% of the actual annual operating cost to each project at the maximum of no more than RMB 3 million according to SMEs' quantity, service quality and service costs. To encourage technical innovation, special funds will help technical SMEs to develop innovative technology independently, put innovative products into pilot trial and maturation. Only technical SMEs (unlisted companies) engaged in innovative technology R & D in Sichuan Province will enjoy subsidies and discounted loans.

In addition, for investment projects in technical SMEs in Sichuan Province of venture capitals, the government will give a subsidy of no more than 5% actual investment volume each project at the maximum of no more than RMB 1 million. And the annual accumulative amount of subsidies for each venture capital shall be no more than RMB 3 million. (March 5th, Sichuan Daily/Chen Yan)

Sichuan Provincial Government Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreements with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Transport

Sichuan Provincial People's Government signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Ministry of Transport of the P.R.China and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the P.R.China respectively in Beijing. According to the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Accelerating Sichuan Provincial Transport Development signed with the Ministry of Transport, both the government and the ministry will focus on perfecting the comprehensive transport infrastructure network, wining the poverty alleviation war, deepening transport industrial reform and strengthening technical and management innovation, jointly promote establishment of Sichuan comprehensive transport system, make effective investment in transportation construction, expand the effective supply of transportation services, expand new development space, cultivate new development energies to completely finish the establishment of comprehensive traffic hub in western China and basically build a smooth, safe and efficient modern comprehensive transport system by the year of 2020. The Ministry of Transport will make greater efforts to support Sichuan major transport projects, transportation construction in old revolutionary areas, ethnic minority areas, poverty-stricken areas and Tibetan areas as well as financing mode, technology and talents management, education and training of innovative transportation construction in Sichuan.

According to the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Accelerating Construction of Advanced Strong Manufacturing Province, Sichuan, both the government and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will put pressure on the suppliers and customers to jointly promote the quality improvement and efficiency increasing of Sichuan manufacturing industry, optimize the industrial structure, significantly enhance the innovation ability, facilitate the integration of IT and industrialization and develop green and low-carbon ecology. The government of Sichuan will collaborate to promote the innovative development of advanced manufacturing industry by helping national major projects like aeromotor and gas turbine project as well as graphene and other important new materials R & D and application projects land in Sichuan, boost the deep integration of informatization and industrialization by carrying out intelligent manufacturing projects and pilot demonstration in Sichuan, push the supply-side structure reform by investing more special funds for transformation and upgrading of Sichuan industries, impel comprehensive innovation reform test by helping Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang establish national innovation demonstration zone for military and civilian integration, give impetus to the coordinated development of SMEs and facilitate cadre and talents exchange and cooperation. (March 7th, Sichuan Daily/Hu Yanshu)

Foreign Trade

The First Train from Chengdu to Belarus Available

The new customized train of Chengdu-Europe Express Rail from Chengdu to Belarus departed from Chengdu Railway Station on March 1st. As required by Geely, the Train collected goods in Ningbo and Chengdu respectively, after fully loaded with Geely auto spare parts, it left China from Alashankou in Xinjiang and arrived in Belarus by passing Kazakhstan and Russia, with its full mileage of 8,866 km and estimated travel time of 12 days. According to the customs personnel, the Train is made of 41 carriages, full of completely knocked-down kits and spare parts of 28 Geely cars, valuing at nearly USD 600,000. It can be driven into factory, completely realize the seamless docking of the whole line from Chengdu to factory of Belarus. In addition to the first North Line product of "Chengdu-Europe Express Rail", Chengdu opened a test train from Chengdu to Moscow last year. North Line of "Chengdu-Europe Express Rail" mainly covers Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. The preparation underway is to make the normal trains available in the last ten days of March, realizing two-way stable operation. The North Line of "Chengdu-Europe Express Rail" will effectively improve the logistics efficiency, save a lot of time and costs, offer more choices for customers, and further perfect its network of international trains. (March 2nd, Sichuan Daily/Zhang Hongxia, Chen Bihong and Kou Minfang)

Chengdu Cooperates with Macau Exchange in the Field of Financial Innovation

Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone and Macau Exchange signed strategic cooperation agreement to jointly help high-quality start-up businesses and projects in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone to Macau for road shows, transactions and international capital connection. In addition, Chengdu government will establish in-depth cooperation with Macau Exchange in the fields of hi-tech trade and financial innovation to promote the coordinated development of science and finance. With the approval of Macau Office for Commerce and Movable Property Registry, Macau Exchange is firstly established outside high and new technology exchange company in Macau for security design, road show, issuance and trade. (March 8th, Sichuan Daily/Xiong Xiaowei)

Sichuan's Import-Export Growth of Foreign Trade Exceeded 70% in the First Two Months of This Year

Sichuan's foreign trade kept growing fast since the beginning of this year. In the first two months, Sichuan's total import-export value of goods reached RMB 61.12 billion, increased by 73.8% from the same period of last year, 20.6% higher than the overall growth of the country at the same time. Its foreign trade export was RMB 28.13 billion, increased by 47.8% which was 36% higher than the average growth of the county in the same period and import attained RMB 32.99 billion, doubled from last year, 34.2% higher than the average growth of the country.

Thanks to the Intel high-end test project and Foxconn transfer, Sichuan's import-export by ways of processing trade earned RMB 34.17 billion, sharply increased by 84.1%, pulled its foreign trade up by 44.4%, taking up 55.9% of its total imports and exports in the same period. Sichuan realized two-digit growth in foreign trade imports and exports with Europe and America, ASEAN countries and Japan, with its proportion growing to nearly 70%. This indicator also soared exponentially in cooperation with countries along the "Belt and Road". For example, Sichuan's imports and exports surged by over 500% with Israel and Romania, 270% with Egypt and more than 150% with Albania and Uzbekistan respectively. (March 11th, Sichuan Daily/Zeng Xiaoqing)

Sichuan's Total Number of International Friendship Cities and Friendly Cooperation Relationships Grew to 218

Sichuan's total number of international friendship cities and friendly cooperation relationships grew by 14 to 218 in 2016, which included 90 international friendship cities and 128 friendly cooperation relationships. This year, our province will keep building open cooperation platform, make greater efforts to exchange and cooperate with developed economics, countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" and take practical steps to promote the sister-city exchange while arranging the international friendship cities in a scientific way. (March 13th, Sichuan Daily/Yuan Jing)

Sichuan Energy Investment Joined Hands with State Corporations

Sichuan Energy Investment joined hands with State Development and Investment Corp. and China National Chemical Corporation. They signed a contract to invest about RMB 4.6 billion to build a chemical project in Sabah of Malaysia. In addition to the chemical project, Sichuan Energy Investment will work together with Malaysian companies to jointly establish chemical industrial park to promote the development of traditional industries in overseas countries by inputting more funds and technologies. (March 15th, Sichuan Daily/Li Xinyi and Chen Yan)


Matchmaking Conference Between Sichuan and Overseas Fortune Global 500 Companies Held in Beijing

Matchmaking Conference Between Sichuan and Overseas Fortune Global 500 companies was held in Beijing on the morning of March 16th. Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Wang Dongming attended the conference and delivered a speech. Deputy secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and governor of Sichuan Yin Li introduced the investment environment and opportunities of Sichuan. Representative of over 60 overseas Fortune Global 500 companies, famous foreign companies and associations of commerce came for the conference.

Before the conference, Wang Dongming had brief talks with the president of the AmCham China William Zarit, president and CEO of Siemens (China) Lothar Herrmann, vice president of Carrefour and president in China Region Thierry Garnier, senior vice president of Dell and president in China Region Huang Chenhong, COO of ENGIE in China Charlotte Roule, managing director of Ito-Yokado (China) Anxi Taizhi, director and chief representative in China of Swire (China) Adrian Harley, chief representative of Toppan Printing Co. Ltd. in China Bentian Hexiu and vice president of SITA and general manager in China May Zhou respectively to understand the operation status of each company and whether they have intention to develop and make investments in Sichuan. At the conference, Wang Dongming welcomed the representatives of the overseas Fortune Global 500 companies and distinguished guests on behalf of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Government, showed appreciation to friends always supporting the development of Sichuan and invited all guests to Chengdu for the 2017 Well-Known Chinese and Foreign Enterprises Visit to Sichuan which will in next month. Opening up and cooperation was the only way for prosperous development and mutual benefit and win-win cooperation was the proper meaning of economic globalization, said Wang. The Fortune Global 500 companies are important force to push economic globalization and important carrier for opening up and win-win cooperation. Sichuan attaches great importance to the exchange and cooperation with Fortune Global 500 companies. By fully integrating capitals, technology, management and brand of Fortune Global 500 companies with Sichuan's natural resources, industrial foundation and broad consumer market based on the principle of taking advanced standard as baseline benchmark and introducing competitive companies, Sichuan introduced a groups world leading major projects and collected advanced management experience to greatly raise the level of open economy. Presently, there are 321 Fortune Global 500 companies in Sichuan, including 232 overseas companies. A number of major projects will be soon commenced or put into operation. Sichuan has become the forefront and important window for opening up and cooperation and is accelerating the process of global economic integration.

Wang indicated that Sichuan was a powerful province of China with high economic level, high science and education level and abundance natural resources, in addition, it was the bridge between the "Belt and Road" and Yangtze River Economic Belt, which plays an important role in implementing the national strategy. President Xi Jinping stated clearly and firmly that Sichuan should take its place in the front of western China. We were qualified and willing to share the valuable development chance with the world to further strengthen all-round high-level opening up cooperation and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results in the process of global economic integration. We were willing to share the infrastructure construction opportunity with you to jointly raise the level of interconnection. The Fortune Global 500 companies were expected to take active part in the establishment of modern comprehensive transportation system of Sichuan, help the Chengdu-Europe Express Rail enhance cooperation in freight pass, commodity supply organization and currency settlement, build the China-Europe Train-Air-Truck Transportation Base, unblock the big channel of land-sea bidirectional transportation and keep expanding cooperation space and scope while promoting infrastructure interconnection. We were willing to share the industrial transformation and upgrading opportunities with you to integrate in the value chain of global industrial chain. The Fortune Global 500 companies were expected to take Sichuan as an important link in global industrial chain allocation, carry out high-end industrial cooperation projects in Sichuan, realize the organic combination of globalization advantages, Chinese market advantages and Sichuan production advantages and jointly build a number of world-class industrial clusters. We were willing to share comprehensive innovation and reform opportunities with you to devote ourselves into the innovation and entrepreneurship boom together. The Fortune Global 500 companies were expected to promote Sichuan comprehensive innovation and reform through joint R & D, achievements transformation, risk investment and incubator establishment, actively boost the "advanced manufacturing base plus high-level R & D center" industrial innovative cooperation and seize the commanding height of future development. We were willing to share the opportunities to build the free trade zone with you to jointly promote the in-depth implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative. The Fortune Global 500 companies were expected to take active part in the establishment of Tianfu New Area, Chengdu Airport Economic Zone, Chengdu Qingbaijiang Railway Port and South Sichuan Port Economic Zone, jointly promote the development of domestic and overseas cooperation parks including the Sino-France Cooperation Park, Sino-Germany Cooperation Park, Sino-Korea Cooperation Park and Singapore-Sichuan Cooperation Park and further realize the mutual benefits.

Yin Li introduced Sichuan's investment environment and opportunities from four respects, including its profound history, innovation reform, wide range of opening up and brilliant future.

William Zarit, Lothar Herrmann, Thierry Garnier, Huang Chenhong and Charlotte Roule delivered speeches respectively, showing that Sichuan was of a promising future and valuable development opportunities. They were expected to give full play to their respective advantages to deepen the practical cooperation in all fields with Sichuan.

Cooperation project signing ceremony was also held at the same time. Chenghua District signed Perennial Pengyi Headquarter Project Cooperation Agreement with Perennial Group, Mianyang Science and Technology Business Park signed Auchan Life Plaza Project Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai Qiaoboyi Company, Meishan Golden Elephant Sincerity Chemical Co., Ltd. signed Biomass Furfural Pilot Trial Production Project Cooperation Agreement with Dupont and Guang'an signed Western Guang'an Rubber Resources Comprehensive Utilization Project Cooperation Agreement with Royal Dutch Shell in China and Tianjin Hi-tech Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. At the same time, a number of cooperation projects were signed in other venues. Total investment of the contracted projects exceeded RMB 20 billion. (March 17th, Sichuan Daily/Zhang Hongping, Chen Yan and Li Xinyi)

2017 The Czech Republic Exploration Forum Was Held in Chengdu

On March 22nd, 2017 The Czech Republic Exploration Forum was held in Chengdu. In recent years, the pragmatic cooperation between the Czech Republic and Sichuan Province in the field of economy and trade continues to develop in depth. The year 2014 is the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and China, and the Czech President Zeman headed the government trade and economic delegation to visit Sichuan Province and attend the 15th Western China International Fair, and gained substantial achievements during this visit. Later, the Czech Consulate General in Chengdu was opened and the Chengdu-Prague non-stop flight was opened in August last year. Up to now, Sichuan Airlines has flied 63 round-trip flights in total and served nearly twenty thousand passengers. Via this Forum,the Czech delegation recommended and introduced their tourism resources, crystal glass products and specialties like beer and cake to Sichuan people. Meanwhile, they also actively explored how to expand the scope of cooperation between the two places and deepen the sister province/ state relationship between Sichuan and the Middle Bohemia State. (March 23rd, Sichuan Daily/Yuan Jing)

Key Projects

Construction of 80% of 122 Projects has been initiated

After nearly one year of strong promotion, Construction of 80.33% of 122 Projects signed during the "2016 Well-known Chinese and Foreign Enterprises' Visit to Sichuan" has been initiated, and over half of the projects have been put into operation. Within one year, over 80% of key projects settled in Chengdu have been initiated

The signing and commencement ceremony of 82 key projects in Qingbaijiang District with a total investment of RMB 39 billion was held on February 24th. On the same day, the project of "Jingdong Asia No.1 Xindu Logistics Park" with a total investment of RMB 3 billion started construction; on February 17th, 73 key projects with a total investment of RMB 35.303 billion started the construction in Jintang County; the 12-inch Global Foundries project located in Chengdu commenced the construction on February 10th; the project signing ceremony between Youngy Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Qionglai City was held on February 9th; according to statistic data, in January of this year, Chengdu has newly signed and introduced 21 major projects (including capital increase) with a total investment of RMB 17.3 billion. Among them, 2 projects involve Fortune Global 500 enterprises investment.

In 2017, Chengdu will strive to introduce more than 300 key projects with an actual paid-in domestic investment of RMB 460 billion and an actual paid-in foreign investment of USD 9.848 billion. Meanwhile, it will continuously improve the follow-up service, construction tracking and promotion mechanisms, and energetically promote the improvement of both contract signing and performance. (March 2nd, Sichuan Daily/Chen Bihong)

Forestry Output Value of Liangshan Breaks Through RMB 15 Billion This Year

In 2017, the forest ecological industry construction land of Liangshan Prefecture amounts to 4 million mu, which promoted the increase of forest coverage rate by 0.5 percentage points. On this basis, the forestry output value exceeded RMB 15.77 billion, the per capital forestry income of farmers reached more than RMB 2478, both with a growth rate of over 18%. The forestry ecological industry project includes 2 million mu walnuts base, 1 million mu green "red" pepper base, 450,000 mu Pinus armandii Franch base, 250,000 mu olive base and 300,000 mu other economic fruit forest base. In order to ensure the utilization rate of economic improved forest varieties and shorten output cycle, Liangshan Prefecture plans to train 10 thousand forest farmers this year. In addition, based on the forest tour and other new formats, Liangshan Prefecture is going to build or upgrade 7 forest parks and add 10 forest health preservation bases. (March 4th, Sichuan Daily/Wang Chengdong)

19 Key Transportation Projects Commenced

On March 15th, the commencement ceremony and mobilization meeting of the 2017 first quarter key transportation projects of Sichuan Province and the Longxikou navigation-power junction on Minjiang River was held in Leshan City. 19 key transportation projects went under construction, and the total investment totaled up to RMB 75.2 billion. The 19 key transportation projects include 1 water transport project, 3 highway projects, 15 national and provincial highway projects, involving 5 economic zones and 4 urban agglomerations of 15 cities (prefectures). Among them, the Longxikou navigation-power junction on Minjiang River is the last level of the 4-level cascade junction of Minjiang navigation-power development planning, which will improve the navigation condition of Minjiang River and heavy-cargo transportation capability. Chengdu - Yibin expressway is the most convenient channel between Chengdu plain economic region and southern Sichuan economic zone; the Bazhong - Wanyuan expressway is an important economic channel between the Contiguous Destitute Areas in Qinling-Dabashan Region and Sichuan - Shaanxi revolutionary base; Rongchang - Luzhou expressway is another direct-connection between Chengdu and Chongqing economic zones, which will improve the road network of the whole province and facilitate the development of poverty-stricken areas along these expressways. The 15 national and provincial highway projects are distributed in 11 cities (prefectures), including economic trunk highway projects, tourism highways and poverty-alleviation channel projects, which will play a significant role in perfecting regional highway network layout, improving mass travel conditions and serving local economic and social development. In 2017, Sichuan Province will continue to promote the construction of the 123 key transportation projects determined by the provincial government and ensure to complete RMB 120 billion investment in infrastructure. (March 16th, Sichuan Daily/Wang Meiling)

General Airports Will Cover All Cities and Prefectures of Sichuan Province by the Year 2020

Recently, the "Planning of General Airports in Sichuan Province (2016 - 2030)" was officially released. According to the Planning, each city (prefecture) of Sichuan Province will have a class II or above general airport by the year 2020; and by the year 2030, the whole province will have 88 class II or above general airports, forming five general airport clusters and achieving the 30 minutes of emergency rescue response time covering all the regions of Sichuan Province.

The five general airport clusters will be built respectively according to the development orientation, economic society, resource endowment and industrial base of the five economical areas of Sichuan Province. The Chengdu plain general airport cluster is composed of general airports in 8 cities, including Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, Suining, Leshan, Ya'an, Meishan and Ziyang. The Planning is going to add 26 class II or above general airports in Jintang County, Beichuan County, Mingshan District, etc., with a total amount of 29 general airports, mainly focusing on providing business trips, low level tourism, flight training, general-purpose plane assembly and test flight and other services.

From the perspective of the focal points of service, the other four general airport clusters have their own emphasis respectively. The Southern Sichuan general airport cluster provides aviation industry development support, short-distance passenger/cargo transportation, aerial forest fire protection and other general air services; the Northeast Sichuan general airport cluster provides short-distance passenger and cargo transportation, agriculture and forestry plantation, low level tourism, air sports, flight training; the Panzhihua-Xichang region general airport cluster mainly provides general air services for special agricultural products transportation, aerial forest fire protection and industrial operations; the Northwestern Sichuan general airport cluster mainly provides short-distance passenger/cargo transportation, low level tourism, aerial forest fire protection, animal husbandry operations and emergency rescue, and the Jiuzhaigou - Kangding - Yading - Hongyuan low level travel link will be open. Meanwhile, several class III general airports used for natural disaster rescue, emergency management, urban fire control, police service flight, agricultural and forestry plantation or for commercial and personal use will be deployed as needed, and striving to achieve every thousand square kilometer has more than 1 Class III general airport (approximately more than 500).

The Planning also proposes the innovation of general aviation infrastructure construction investment and financing mode. For example, establish provincial-level general aviation development base, explore investment and financing method, construct a multi-level and multi-channel investment and financing mode with clear responsibility, and encourage social capital to participate in general aviation infrastructure construction. (March 23rd, Sichuan Daily/Wang Meiling)

Industry Information

The First "Made in Sichuan" Airbus A320 Front Boarding Gate Was Delivered

On March 1st, the Chengfei Civil Aircraft Co., Ltd. of Aviation Industry Corporation of China successfully delivered the first front boarding gate and No. 3000 rear boarding gate of Airbus A320 series aircraft to Airbus in Chengdu. This marks that of the over 7000 A320 aircraft delivered, nearly half rear boarding gates were "Made in Sichuan". Feng Chongyang, general manager of Chengfei Civil Aircraft Company, introduced that the first A320 series aircraft front boarding gate contract was signed in July 2014. At the beginning of this year, the "Made in Sichuan" front boarding gate passed the first article inspection and the first article assembly verification by Airbus on the first try. The front boarding gate delivered this time adopts 3D digital design, unique rocking arm mechanism and multiple sets of locking devices, and requires a high production technological requirements. After the delivery of the first front boarding gate, Chengfei Civil Aircraft Company will continue providing stable delivery according to the plan jointly developed by both parties. In the next stage, Chengfei Civil Aircraft will strive to become a A-level supplier of Airbus I-PAC+ (industrialization capability evaluation). (March 2nd, Sichuan Daily/Zhu Xueli)

"Made in Sichuan" Basalt Fiber Takes Over Commanding Height

As one of the key emerging industries in our province, Sichuan basalt fiber industry registered an output of 3,000 tons, with a leading level of technical equipment and relatively complete overall design, assembly manufacturing and test verification system of basalt fiber and its composite materials. Aerospace Tuoxin has the world's largest basalt fiber production line. In the next stage, Sichuan Province will establish a state-level open basalt fiber industrialization innovation center and seize the global basalt fiber technological and market high ground. By the year 2020, the gross output value of Sichuan basalt fiber industry will reach RMB 5 billion, forming an industry cluster led by leading companies, driven by backbone enterprises and with cooperative development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Multiple industrialization achievements in the field of military and civilian homogeneous technology, dual-purpose technology development and two-way technology transfer will be achieved (March 7th, Sichuan Daily/Luo Zhiyang)

Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Outlined Development Goals for Biological Medicine Industry

On February 28th, 13 biological medicine projects with a total investment of RMB 8.4 billion were signed and settled in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone. As of 2016, the output value of biological medicine industry in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone has exceeded RMB 23 billion, and the biological medicine industry was listed in the first row of the key developing industries catalog table of Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone. Chengdu Hi-tech Zone will strive to expand the biological medicine industry scale to over RMB 150 billion and form a biological medicine industry cluster with world influence. (March 1st, Sichuan Daily/Xiong Xiaowei)

13-hour Direct Flight from Chengdu to Los Angles

On March 15th, direct flight from Chengdu to Los Angeles was opened. Previously, all the flights from Chengdu to LA are multi-stop flights, which need to stop at Nanjing, Hangzhou and Jinan. After the opening of the direct flight, the one-way flight time is shortened from 17 hours to 13 hours. Hainan Airlines is going to fly this route with Boeing 787 aircraft, and two round-trip flights operate every week.

In recent years, Chengdu has successively opened multiple international direct flights to North America, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia. As of 2016, Chengdu has opened 95 international (regional) routes, and the total number of annual immigration of Chengdu airport amounted to 5 million, both of which ranked the first place in the middle and west China. (March 16th, Sichuan Daily/Wang Meiling)

Intelligent Connected New Energy Automotive Technology Research Center Was Established

On March 19th, the intelligent connected new energy automotive technology research center led by several experts of the national and provincial "Thousand Talents Program" was unveiled at the Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute. The research center has multiple technical research institutes, including car networking, power battery energy storage, intelligent electric driving system, vehicle integration, lightweight and modularization, which will give full play to the technical and talent advantages of the Department of Automotive Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University, and construct an electric vehicle technology high ground rooting in Sichuan, radiating to the southwest and influencing the whole nation. In addition, a comprehensive innovation platform and talents training base integrated with advanced theory research, product technology development and regional demonstration operation will be also built, which will aim to solving the key issues with regard to the efficient interconnection between electric automobile and power grid, information security and big data application, etc. (March 20th, Sichuan Daily/Zhang Shoushuai)

Direct Flight from Chengdu to Auckland Will Be Open In June

It's learned on March 20th that the direct flight from Chengdu to Auckland will be open on June 13th, then it will only take 11 hours to Auckland. The air route is one of the 9 scheduled international direct air routes signed by Sichuan Province Airport Group and Chengdu Municipal Government with 6 airline companies in the World Route Conference last year. Three flights will be arranged every week, i.e. every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: for outward journey, the flight will depart from Chengdu at 1:55 am, and arrive in Auckland at 14:45 local time, and for inward journey, the flight will take off from Auckland at 16:30 and arrive in Chengdu at 6:00 am the next day. (March 21st, Sichuan Daily/Wang Meiling)

Sichuan and Guizhou Wine Associations Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On March 21st, the Sichuan Industry Association for the Golden Triangle of Chinese Liquor signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guizhou Association of Wine Industry. Both parties will make joint efforts to promote the structural reform of the supply side of wine industry, adapt to market trend to better satisfy new generation's consumer demands, create the regional brand of "Golden Triangle of Chinese Liquor", and carry out talents training to provide a strong support for the structural reform of agriculture supply side and poverty alleviation.

Sichuan and Guizhou are the origins and accumulation areas of highly flavored type and soy sauce flavor type liquor, and the liquor sales revenue of the two provinces accounted for about 44% of the same of the whole national liquor industry, and the profits accounted for nearly 60%. The agreement marks another important progress after the memorandum on Sichuan - Guizhou liquor industry cooperation signed between the economic and information committees of the two provinces in May 2015 and the visit of Sichuan liquor industry delegation to Maotai Group in February this year.

After the signing of this agreement, both parties will cooperate with each other in regional brand creation, exchange interaction and joint development the three aspects. In the aspect of jointly creating the regional brand of "Golden Triangle of Chinese Liquor", both parties will jointly organize and carry out Golden Triangle of Chinese Liquor summit and forum activities to explore new paths to promote regional economic cooperation, strive to build a clean and safe modern liquor industry system with optimized structure, advanced technology and beautiful environment.

With respect to strengthening exchanges and interactions, both parties will establish a Sichuan - Guizhou liquor industry joint council, set up work leading team and daily work mechanism, so as to enhance the exchange among enterprises of the two provinces, organize the two provinces'liquor assessment experts and national liquor tasting committeemen to carry out skill upgrading training, liquor blending contest, liquor tasting skills competition and other activities, carry out industry trends research and authoritative conference, and it's planned to hold the Sichuan - Guizhou liquor industry white paper conference in turn once each quarter.

With respect to the application of joint development strategy, both parties will further promote industry opening cooperation and development, actively seize the development opportunities of "One Belt and One Road", cooperate to promote the Sichuan and Guizhou liquor industry to be geared to the international wind industry development, implement the liquor industry international expanding strategy based on the international marketing channel and platforms that have been established by big enterprises like Wuliangye, and make joint efforts to create a liquor industry regional brand with significant global influence (March 22nd, Sichuan Daily/Chen Yan and Zhou Xianbin)

Convention & Exhibition

The 96th China Food and Drinks Fair Opens Today in Chengdu

The 96th China Food and Drinks Fair will be held in the New International Exhibition Center of Century City of Chengdu from March 23rd to 25th. This is the 28th time that Chengdu holds the China Food and Drinks Fair, and nearly 3000 enterprises will participate in this Fair for exhibition, transaction, cooperation and negotiations.

This Fair covers an exhibition area of 125,000 square meters, and products from over 40 countries and regional enterprises will be exhibited, among them, overseas exhibits account for over 30%. 26 overseas exhibition groups, including France, USA and Italy, will participate in this Fair in the form of national or regional exhibition group. This Fair sets up 6 theme exhibition areas, covering traditional liquor products, wine, international spirits, food, drinks, condiments, food machinery, food packaging, etc.

During the Fair, a large number of forum activities will also be held. The main forum of this Fair - China commercial theme conference will be held on March 23rd, which will analyze the present industry development situation, explore industry development trend, connotation of the new round of economic globalization and the challenges and opportunities brought to the Chinese liquor and food industry hereby around the themes of "transformation, upgrading and development" of Chinese food and liquor industry. (March 23rd, Sichuan Daily/Jiang Junfang and Chen Bihong)

Sichuan CCPIT Council

Sichuan Trade Promotion Association Held Matchmaking and Discussion for the Investment Project of Decathlon Group in Sichuan

On March 7th, 2017, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Sichuan Council held the matchmaking and discussion meeting for the project invested by Decathlon Group in Sichuan Province. 9 trade promotion councils of Zigong, Deyang, Mianyang, Neijiang, Leshan, Meishan, Nanchong, Guangyuan and Dazhou participated in this discussion meeting. Vice-president Yi Yang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wang Tingting, vice president ofDecathlon Group in Greater China region, introduced that the Decathlon Group plans to invest at least one physical store respectively in Zigong, Deyang, Mianyang, Neijiang, Leshan, Meishan, Nanchong, Guangyuan, Dazhou and other cities, and finally construct 40 physical stores in Sichuan Province. Trade promotion councils from various cities and Decathlon Group carried out in-depth exchanges in the specific situation, investment promotion related policies and conditions of various regions, both parties said that they would further do an adequate work in docking and investigation, so as to promote the implementation of the invest projects of Decathlon Group in Sichuan Province.

2017 Chengdu Auto Parts Exhibition Promotion and News Release Meeting was Held in Chengdu

On the afternoon of March 2nd, 2017, the "2017 Chengdu International Exhibition of Auto Parts and After-sales Service (hereinafter referred to as "Chengdu Auto Parts Exhibition") Promotion and News Release" was jointly convened by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Sichuan Council, Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission and Sichuan Investment Promotion Bureau in Chengdu. Li Hongjun, the vice president of Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission, and Lu Furong, the vice president of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Sichuan Council, reported the exhibition related situation and made work deployment respectively. Over 100 persons, including responsible persons of the relevant municipal (prefecture) economic and information commissions, trade promotion councils, commerce chambers (associations), key parks and enterprises, journalists from 20 medias such as Sichuan Daily, attended this meeting. The vice president Lu Furong reviewed the 2016 Chengdu Auto Parts Exhibition, reported the main contents, features, highlights and the progress of preparation of the 2017 Chengdu Auto Parts Exhibition, and defined the key work and requirements of the next stage of work. She introduced that the 2017 Chengdu Auto Parts Exhibition would be held at the New International Exhibition Center of Century City of Chengdu from May 25th to 27th, 2017 with a planning exhibition area of 45,000 square meters, and over 750 enterprises and 2,2000 professional buyers would participated in this Exhibition. This Exhibition will mainly highlight new energy vehicles, intelligent vehicles, parts and charging equipment, aiming to create an auto parts supply and purchasing center in western region and promote the Chengdu Auto Parts Exhibition to be a leading one-stop commerce, exchange and investment platform in the field of auto industry in southwest region. Six upgraded special exhibition areas will be created, including supply chain purchasing and assembly area, auto accessories area, vulnerable parts quick repairing area, commercial vehicles area, new energy area and Sichuan enterprises display area, and a special exhibition area for new energy vehicles from outside the Sichuan Province and foreign countries will be also added. During this Exhibition, the 2017 China automobile industry venture investment summit and China (Sichuan) new energy automobile industry investment cooperation conference and other significant activities as well as 15 theme activities and professional forums, including the 2017 China automotive innovation and entrepreneurship competition, 2017 auto parts and accessories annual promotion and purchasing meeting, park display and project discussions, will be also held.

At present, the preparatory work of the Exhibition is progressing smoothly; the overall exhibition area has reached 30,000 square meters, and about 650 enterprises has registered as exhibitors, including many well-known brands at home and abroad and a number of exhibition groups from other provinces and foreign countries; in addition, Chengdu, Mianyang, Meishan, Neijiang, Guang'an, Nanchong, Ziyang and Suining 8 cities will also organize exhibition groups to participate in this Exhibition. Registered professional visitors have amounted up to 16000. Chamber of Commerce of Malaysia, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other foreign business associations will actively organize purchasing delegations.

Vice President Lu Furong Met with the Commercial Counselor of Israeli Consulate General in Chengdu

On March 7th, 2017, vice president Lu Furong met with the delegation led by Mr. Yair Albin, the Commercial Counselor of Israeli Consulate General in Chengdu. Mr. Yair Albin said that the southwest region has a great market potential, and the CCPIT Sichuan Council has a wealth of business resources and influence, hoped that Sichuan and Israel could strengthen the exchanges and cooperation in the field of modern agriculture, high and new technology, manufacturing industry, water science, chemical engineering and tourism, and invited the Council to organize enterprises to participate in the well-known exhibitions of Israel in water science, medical equipment, bio-pharmaceutical and other industries, so as to attract more Sichuan enterprises to come to Israel to carry out economic and trade exchanges. Vice president Lu Furong pointed out that Sichuan Province will step up efforts to develop the seven traditional competitive industries and seven strategic emerging industries, so that both parties may have a huge room for cooperation in electronic information, new energy vehicles, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, modern agriculture, high and new technology industries. She also said that the Council will actively promote the scientific and technological innovation cooperation between Sichuan Provincial Government and the Ministry of Economy of Israel, and strengthen the economic, trade, investment and technical exchanges and cooperation between Sichuan and Israel. In addition, a special column of "demands of Israeli enterprise" will be established on the "International Business News for Reference" sponsored by the Council, so as to strengthen information exchange, jointly build exhibition platform and construct more cooperation channels for Sichuan enterprises.









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