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China (Sichuan) - South & Southeast Asia Business Leaders Onine Conference was held successfully

Source:International Relations Dept.     Time:2020-09-25

On September 25, the "China (Sichuan) - South & Southeast Asian Business Leaders Online Conference" and "South Asia and Southeast Asia online commodity exhibition", sponsored by CCPIT Sichuan Council and National South Asia Standardization (Chengdu) Research Center and supported by Sichuan Provincial Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs and CCPIT Chongqing Council, were held in Chengdu both online and offline. Zhang Xiaogang, former chairman of International Organization for Standardization, Ali Malik, President of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Guo Chuanwei, director of Trade and Investment Division of ASEAN-China Center, Huang Li, President of CCPIT Sichuan Council, and Gao Fu, vice president of CCPNT, attended and delivered speeches. Representatives of 37 international organizations, government agencies, embassies and consulates and business associations from 17 countries in South and Southeast Asia, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as representatives from other provinces and their territories of domestic and foreign enterprises attended the meeting.


Sichuan and Chongqing work together to promote the opening-up cooperation of "highlighting the South", focusing on the theme of "promoting standard connectivity and deepening trade and investment cooperation". The meeting was held in the form of on-site + online conference, with the side events of online B2B Exhibition and online negotiation, continuing the multi-lateral business cooperation mechanism, which has broken through regional restrictions, overcome the impact of the epidemic, built a mutually beneficial cooperation platform for enterprises, provided broader opportunities for cooperation and development, and continuously deepened the economic, trade and investment exchanges and cooperation between Sichuan and South and Southeast Asia.


Through keynote speeches and investment promotion, the participants expressed the common desire and determination to unite and cooperate to fight the epidemic and promote economic recovery and development. The online conference is a practical measure to deepen regional industrial and business exchanges, jointly innovate ways to serve enterprises, and promote bilateral and multilateral economic and trade cooperation. China hopes “Belt and Road Initiative” will further strengthen communication between Sichuan and South and Southeast Asia, and promote the coordinated development of international standards or common standards among all countries in the region, so as to promote international trade and investment facilitation through standard connection. We look forward to deepening the construction of the platform, expanding the theme of exchange, giving full play to the leading role of business leaders and the cooperation potential of the industrial and commercial circles, and work hand in hand to overcome difficulties and create a better future.


Ms. Netnapit Chulakanista, commercial consul of Royal Thai Consulate-General in Chengdu, said in an interview that the trade volume between Thailand and China has continued to maintain a positive growth this year. The online conference and online exhibition are innovative forms of communication, and we hope to let more Sichuan enterprises and consumers understand Thai products. Ms. Azni, director of the Chengdu Representative Office of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation, believes that Sichuan has a high degree of openness, economic, trade and investment cooperation and close personnel exchanges between Sichuan and Malaysia. The business online conference has set up a good platform. Sichuan enterprises are welcome to establish business relations with Malaysian enterprises through the representative office.


The conference also set up parallel conferences including "China (Sichuan) - South & Southeast Asia Cooperation Promotion on Agricultural Food and High-Tech industry", " China (Sichuan) -South & Southeast Asia Investment and Trade Business Opportunities Promotion Conference", "China (Sichuan) - South Asia and Southeast Asia Enterprise Online Docking Conference", "the third China South Asia Standardization Cooperation Work Conference" and other parallel meetings. Representatives of standardization organizations, business associations and enterprises from home and abroad deeply discussed and promote the cooperation in standardization, agriculture, food and high-tech industries between Sichuan and South and Southeast Asian countries, and explore and seek more business opportunities for cooperation.


In addition, the conference was actively integrated into Chengdu Chongqing economic circle. CCPIT Sichuan Council also cooperated with CCPIT Chongqing Council to create "Meeting Sichuan & Chongqing: International Integrated Procurement" and set up an international pavilion to hold the "Online Exhibition of South & Southeast Asia". Nearly 50 key enterprises from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan and other countries have brought 16 categories of products, including food, jewelry, clothing, toys, skin care and health care products, automobiles and spare parts. Together with 140 agricultural products and food enterprises in Sichuan and Chongqing, they have entered the cloud exhibition hall for "Online + offline" product exhibition. The exhibition and docking negotiation will bring new experience for most enterprises and domestic and foreign audiences. "Online Exhibition of South & Southeast Asia" will last until October 10., enterprises can communicate with overseas exhibitors through the online conference live platform.

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