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Chapter One Early Establishment

Source:     Time:2015-01-14

Chapter One   Early Establishment

Sichuan is geographically close to the eight countries in South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka). This economic region is large in area, rich in resources, and the areas are industrially complementary. The region is an emerging market with great potential.

Based on the strategy of “Expansion to Three Directions, and Economic Boosting in Four Areas” and the Priority Plan of Economic Cooperation Southward designed by the CPC Sichuan Committee and the Provincial People’s Government, in order to actively promote the development of trade and commerce between Sichuan and South Asia; boost trade exchanges, project contracting, investment cooperation, and technical communications as well as help build a platform and a long-term mechanism for inter-governmental and business communications, and corporate negotiations, the first South Asia - Sichuan Business Promotion Round-Table Conference was held in January of 2010, co-sponsored by CCPIT and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, and organized by CCPIT Sichuan. Establishment of the mechanism and platform aims at integrating resources of both Sichuan and all the parties in South Asia, reaching consensus, further facilitating and widening the communications and cooperation between Sichuan and South Asia, and seeking greater space for economic and trade cooperation.

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