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(1) InternationalCooperation Department

        Be responsible fordeveloping the cooperative relationship with foreign economic and trade institutions;inviting and receiving foreign partners in thecircle of economic cooperation and trade during their visitof Sichuan; organizing Sichuan companies to participate overseas businessvisit and conference; contacting and coordinating foreign and domestic businessassociations to attend and organize activities in Sichuan.

Director: Mr. ZouJiou

Investigator:Ms. ZhangWanhua



(2) Membership Affairs andInformation Department

        Be responsible for theestablishment and administration of the branches of CCPIT Sichuan and sub-chambersof International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Sichuan; organizing the meetingsof CCPIT , the representatives, ICC, the standing council and other relevantorganizations; Conducting, coordinating and contacting works of all branches ofCCPIT Sichuan, provincial industry branches and ICC in Sichuan; organizingbusiness communication between branches within CCPIT Sichuan, ICC andmemberships; assuming the routine of Sichuan ICC; and contacting companies andproviding training services.

Director: Mr. YangShibo

Vice Director: Ms. HeXiaoli




(3) Exhibition Department

        Be responsible for theadministration of Sichuan's trade exhibitions in foreign countries; beresponsible for all related works including the approval, management andcoordination of overseas economic and trade exhibitions of Sichuan; participatingin the World Expo on behalf of Sichuan province and the international tradefairs, and organizing Sichuan economic and trade exhibitions abroad; takingcharge of the approval and organization of foreign exhibitions in Sichuan;providing exhibition information and business training services.

Director: Mr. LiGang

Vice Director: Mr. RenRongjian

Investigator: Mr. TangShiya

Tel:+86-28-68909151,68909152, 68909153



(4)LegalAffairs Department

        Be responsible for issuingcertificate of origin for Sichuan export products; agenting to proceed consularidentification of foreign trade documents; issuing ATA customs clearancedocuments copies and tendering guarantee; participate in drafting local lawsand regulations in relation toforeigntrade and economic cooperation; providing training services of foreign-relatedlaws and regulations; joining in the work of the arbitration commission;mediating foreign and domestic economic and trade disputes; Acting as an agentfor foreign-related arbitration, litigation and maritime cases; organizingforeign and Sichuan law exchange and cooperation; providing international legalconsultancy service to companies; undertaking intellectual property services suchas industrial property right; agenting for trademark registration and patentapplication for Sichuan companies in and out China, foreign companies inSichuan and individuals.

Director:Ms. ZhangMeng

Vice Director:Mr. SunWenhui




(5)SichuanInformation Center of International Commerce

        Be responsible for liaison with economicand trade circles of all countries and regions; Developing friendly relationswith the World Trade Centers both at home and abroad, economic and tradeorganizations and other organizations; Inviting and receiving foreign economicand trade or technology delegations to visit Sichuan, organizing Sichuandelegations to visit foreign countries.

Director:Ms. Zhao Xiaoyang

Vice Director:Ms. Xie Min



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