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Overall Introduction

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Sichuan Council (hereinafter referred as “CCPIT Sichuan Council”) is a trade and investment promotion agency led by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government.


The president and vice presidents are elected according to the CCPIT charter, with secretary general and deputy secretary general set within. CCPIT Sichuan Council is comprised of functional departments including General Office, International Relations Department, Development Research Department, Trade and Investment Promotion Department, Legal Affairs Department and Party Committee. The main missions are:


(1) Developing economic and trade exchanges with countries worldwide (including countries that have not established diplomatic relations), and promoting the development of diplomacy and foreign affairs with economic and trade activities, in accordance with the policies of China’s diplomacy and the requirements of the government's foreign affairs, give play to the role of non-governmental diplomacy,


(2) Carrying out various economic and trade activities, promoting trade and investment, promoting foreign economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, and promoting enterprises to participate in economic globalization process, in accordance with the China’s foreign economic and trade policy and the requirements of developing foreign economic and trade career raised by the provincial party committee of CPC and the provincial government,


(3) Developing exchanges with economic and trade group around the world, inviting and receiving foreign economic and trade delegations, organizing Sichuan economic and trade delegation to go abroad; conducting exchanges and cooperation with relevant international organizations, regional organizations, trade promotion agencies and business associations worldwide; establishing representative offices in relevant countries and regions; promoting establishing Sichuan business associations overseas so as to protect their legitimate rights and interests in the local area; undertaking agency work for foreign business associations to establish business organizations in Sichuan; developing liaison and communication with foreign business associations in Sichuan.


(4) Promoting economic and trade exchanges between Sichuan and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, and providing services for exchanges and cooperation between Sichuan and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao’s industrial and commercial communities; organizing economic and technological exhibitions in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao; coordinating and organizing various economic and technological events held in Sichuan by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.


(5) Responsible for Sichuan’s overseas economic and trade exhibition work including review, management and coordination; hosting economic and trade exhibitions abroad on behalf of Sichuan Province; organizing Sichuan enterprises to participate in international exhibitions and EXPOs abroad; undertaking Business activities in Sichuan and international exhibition bureaus.


(6) Holding foreign economic and technological exhibitions in China; approving foreign economic and trade exhibitions organized by the CCPIT system in Sichuan; coordinating and managing international economic and trade exhibitions held in Sichuan; providing exhibition information and business training services.


(7) Carrying out the collection, sorting, transmission and release of economic and trade information, carrying out market research; providing economic and trade information, consulting and credit investigation services; conducting evaluation and feasibility studies of Sino-foreign economic and technological cooperation projects; organizing various forms of investment promotion activity.


(8) Providing enterprises and organizations with legal consulting services related to international economics and trade, finance, investment, technology transfer, etc.; participating in the drafting of local foreign economic and trade regulations; organizing training on foreign-related laws and regulations; participating in the work of local arbitration commissions; mediating foreign-related matters commercial disputes; accepting entrusted agents in foreign-related arbitration, litigation, and maritime cases.


(9) Issuing certificates of origin of Sichuan export commodities; transacting the consular certification of foreign-related business documents; issuing documents for foreign trade and cargo transportation; and issuing ATA customs documents for temporary duty-free goods with guarantee.


(10) Acting as an agent for Sichuan enterprises to handle trademark registration and patent application services abroad; acting as an agent for foreign companies and individuals to handle trademark registration and patent application services in Sichuan; undertaking intellectual property consulting services.


(11) Implementing the guidelines, policies, and regulations in foreign trade and economics made by government, and reflecting the opinions of the business community to the government; conducting industry coordination of related foreign trade activities; study relevant issues in the field of foreign trade, and providing reference opinions to enterprises; organizing the Investigation of dumping foreign goods into domestic market and responding to anti-dumping and countervailing cases raised by foreign countries against our commodities.


(12) Supervising and coordinating the work of business associations in trade promotion; leading and coordinating the work of CCPIT branches in Sichuan.


(13) Complete other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.

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