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President Huang Li's Meeting with Turkish Ambassador to China and the Meeting between Turkish Ambassador and Sichuan Entrepreneurs was successfully held

Source:Int. Relations DeptRelease Time:2021-09-24

On September 24, 2021, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Turkey, the "Meeting between Turkish Ambassador and Sichuan Entrepreneurs" jointly sponsored by CCPIT Sichuan Council and the Turkish Embassy in China was held in Chengdu.

During the meeting, Mrs. Huang Li, President of CCPIT Sichuan Council, met with Mr. Abdulkadir Emin Önen, Turkish ambassador to China and his delegation, and had in-depth exchanges on future economic and trade cooperation, investment opportunities, exhibitions and conferences. President Huang Li pointed out that Turkey is an important partner of China in Middle East and West Asia. Sichuan Province and Turkey have the same economic scale, strong complementarity and great cooperation potential. The Turkish Consulate General in Chengdu, which will open soon, will provide more convenience and opportunities to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation in trade, investment, tourism and other fields. President Huang Li also discussed with Ambassador Önen on the establishment of the Turkish national commodity Pavilion in Qingbaijiang, the starting point of the Chengdu Europe Express Railway freight port, and agreed to actively promote the completion of the Turkish national commodity Pavilion in Chengdu when the Turkish Consulate General in Chengdu opens, so as to introduce rich and diverse Turkish products into the Sichuan market, so as to meet the growing material and cultural needs of the people of Sichuan.


President Huang Li (fourth from the left) took a group photo with Ambassador Önen (fifth from the left) and other guests

Ambassador Önen thanked President Huang Li for her strong support and said that Turkey is a booming emerging economy, ranking 11th in the world in terms of GDP in 2020 and a member of the G20 of the "Economic Council". Turkey has obvious geographical advantages, is located at the junction of Asia and Europe and radiates a large population. When promoting Turkish products, the embassy is also willing to actively promote the products of Sichuan enterprises to enter the Turkish market and invest in production in Turkey. Its products will enter the markets of 27 countries that have signed free trade agreements with Turkey without tariff. Turkey has always supported “one belt, one road initiative”, and hoped that the CCPIT Sichuan Council will play a greater role in promoting bilateral and multidisciplinary cooperation.


Taskin, commercial counselor of the Turkish Embassy in China, made a presentation on the Turkish investment environment

At the "Meeting between Turkish Ambassador and Sichuan Entrepreneurs", Vice President Lei Xuejie delivered a welcome speech. His Excellency Önen, Turkish ambassador to China, delivered a speech to the participating enterprises, expressed his expectations for bilateral economic and trade cooperation and put forward suggestions on strengthening bilateral trade and investment. Taskin, commercial counselor, gave a briefing on Turkey's investment environment and bilateral economic and trade cooperation. The principals and representatives of Sichuan Shudao Investment GroupCo., Ltd, Sichuan Port and Shipping Investment Group, Newrise Group, Sichuan Shuguang Group, Sichuan Honghua International Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. communicated with Ambassador Önen respectively and expressed their intention to cooperate with Turkey in the next step. A total of 26 business leaders and representatives from more than 10 fields in the province who are eager to cooperate with Turkey attended the meeting.



Ambassador Önen inspected the site of the Turkish national commodity Pavilion

After the meeting, Ambassador Önen and his delegation paid a special field visit to the freight railway port of Qingbaijiang District, listened to the introduction of Chi Yong, Secretary of the district Party committee, on the construction and future planning of the port area, visited the German Pavilion, the Italian Pavilion and the Azerbaijan Pavilion, and inspected the construction site of the Turkish Pavilion. They were satisfied with the good development environment and preferential policies of Chengdu, We have reached an agreement with the main leaders of Qingbaijiang District on the idea of building the Pavilion and how to promote it. We hope to build the Pavilion successfully as soon as possible with the help of CCPIT Sichuan Council.

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